quip: metal drummer

Trash Cans WikipediaMetallica are a cornerstone artist in the broader metal genre. Despite the band’s arduous path through their own musical invention they still have many fans despite their detractors. Conversing with some of these fans is almost impossible, not unlike talking to a Boston Red Sox fan pre-2004 or a New York Rangers fan pre-1994 or a Detroit Lions fan probably from any recent era. It was (and in some way may still be for some) an exercise in futility with them which is what makes the conversation simultaneously interesting and insane. To that end, even among Metallica fans there’s a general consensus the album St. Anger (the St. stands for Snare’s a Trashcan) is essentially a throwaway when all is said and done if for no other reason the drums make it sound unlistenable beyond that of a basement 70s black metal recording.

In a recent conversation among die-hard fans and detractors St. Anger of course came up and one die-hard took the noble, if not unstately, role of attempting to defend it, to which I quipped to a big round of applause:

Lars is a “metal” drummer, maybe he just got confused and thought after all those beers that meant he played on metal objects, not that the music was


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