quick shot: skating away to hockeyville

Fantasy Sports Tarnation Take all the pot shots you want at the keeper league I play in and how half the owners are MIA by the time things get interesting come mid-December, they mostly all participate in the draft and playoffs which, for all intents and purposes isn’t such a bad experience.

Last season I hoisted a top three finish for the second time in a row (after completing the regular season in first again). This bodes well for me in that we are once again holding seven players over from our previous year roster pre-draft (any six plus a goalie) and I had some solid guys to work with in that regard.

Only one manager bailed from the league in the off-season which opens all his players up to the general pool that includes all the non-safe players from each of the other manager teams and the rest of the non-selected available players slated for opening night NHL rosters. Only one new manager came in so we didn’t expand any making the selection process much smoother than last year, meaning they’ll pick seven in a row before the general lottery occurs. We did random assignment of lottery pick and I pulled #3.

The roster layout remains essentially intact as well at 6 forwards (2 centers, 4 wingers), 4 d-men, 1 goalie and 4 misc. slots to fill per day plus 6 bench players in reserve, so our roster is actually slightly increased to 21 total which means a lot less depth on the waiver wire (an attempt by the manager for force more trades and other action during the season). Personally, I doubt this will work and will just make managing from the bottom of the standing more difficult than it usually already is, but hey, we won’t know for sure till April.

The league is pure points based again, a few new stats added to accrue on and a couple, as usual, that are oddly offsetting (SOG and SP are usually inversely related) but I think it’s pretty straight forward from an analysis of who to pick perspective, you know who’s going to potentially fill which stat.

Retained players from last season (7):

RW/LW Alex Ovechkin (Wash)
LW Zach Parise (Min)
LW Matt Moulson (NYI)
RW Phil Kessle (Tor)
D Dustin Byfuglien (Win)
D Keith Yandle (Pho)
G Jimmy Howard (Det)

No surprises here, I drafted AO a few seasons back and he’s on the universal cannot drop list but with that Caps power play unit and his improved play on the right wing plus his dual wing availability for fantasy this season it only makes sense to hold him anyhow. Skeptical of the high powered D-men being able to come through yet again for me but I couldn’t help but go back to the well knowing they’d go quick if they hit the free market. No choice in retaining Howard, and no complaint really either. I fully expect these guys to put up some solid numbers again this season and anchor the roster.

Reselected plays from last season (3)

C/LW Patrick Marleau (SJ)
RW Jordan Eberle (Edm)
RW/D Brent Burns (SJ)

Yes, I went after power players I couldn’t protect from last year’s team for a very good reason, I believe they will more than adequately perform again and despite the East Coast bias of some of my fellow managers, I didn’t think these two would sit too long regardless. I’ll use my west coast scouting further along to help ensure I hold my own in the standings.

New additions (11)

G Jean-Sebastien Giguere (Col)
G Steve Mason (Phi)

Call me crazy but although I don’t necessary like Gigi per se, I can’t imagine Patrick Roy doesn’t make him an even more outstanding goalie. You might call me crazy on the other pick (going back to a team with goalie issues to spare) but I don’t think it is possible for it to completely implode down there too early on, which should provide opportunity to see how some of the other backup-to-1A type goalie situations pan out.

D Jason Garrison (Van)
D Alex Pietrangelo (StL)
D Justin Faulk (Car)
D Marek Zidlicky (NJD)

If you notice something about this D-corp it is that they could all be solid points producers. I’m less concerned about some of the other D-stats (although, I’m sure none of them will completely implode on those anyhow) as I am on supplementing the offense for serious points. There’s a lot of potential in this group.

This leave the balance of five forwards which I put together something like this:

LW Tomas Fleischmann (FLA)
LW Chris Higgins (Van)
C Mikhail Grabovsky (Wash)
C Anze Kopitar (LAK)
C Nathan MacKinnon (Col)

Again, like with the D-men there’s a lot of potential here. Higgins should rebound, Flash is wholey underrated because he’s in Florida, Grabs comes with a lot of luggage from Toronto but I think in Washington will shine especially with that Power Play unit, MacKinnin is a total wild card with a lot of hype and Kopitar should be a steady asset to work in that some of my fellow managers will probably come to regret not picking up earlier.

I’m guessing I’ll run my top six forwards something like this nightly …

RW/LW Alex Ovechkin (Wash)
RW Phil Kessle (Tor)
C/LW Patrick Marleau (SJ)
C Mikhail Grabovsky (Wash)
LW Zach Parise (Min)
LW Matt Moulson (NYI)

… and then just rotate in and out the rest of the guys as necessary based on nights off and matchups assuming everyone there holds up to their historical numbers.


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