spam poetry: faking data and physics

Spam Uncanned from WikipediaSpammers watch you back.

No seriously, some of them do. They give you great advice about how to protect yourself from scams, be healthier and happier and learn new and important things. This weeks’ grave warning was good enough to be passed along to you, my fearless reader so beware for the “faking data and physics” that are determined to take you down:

They’re impatient for an elective procedure, and willing to pay for your Insurance? 2 Even though you know it is nursing schools online false because it has been explained several times in this thread of comments alone, not to mention all the other times it has been for thousands of years. 4 DEATH Those Countries that you speak of are a Dream in your head. 7 Who exactly have all these scientists over the centuries been faking data and physics to hand power over to?


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