quip: equinox

The autumnal equinox is aprox 20:44 EDT, in the inaccuracy of time, but for all intents and purposes.

When I prematurely posted a set of photographs online as autumn my friends quickly and laboriously pointed out my faux pas which when I as putting it up I knew would occur, in part, that’s why I love my friends. In which I replied to the equal days and nights with this corresponding remark offsetting the relativeness of time:

equinox … i spend as much time working as i do sleeping … here’s to the five hour work day!


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I am I. That’s all that i am. my little mousehole in cyberspace of fiction, recipes, sacrasm, op-ed on music, sports, and other notations both grand and tiny: https://thedmouse.wordpress.com/about-thedmouse/
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