mixtape: Jason Voorhees Day

MPHimage_1This past week’s MPH noise broadcast occurred on Friday the Thirteenth. As the saying goes, I am not superstitious, but I am a little suspicious.

That, and in addition to my love of theme shows I get a kick out of oddball reasons to have a little celebration and Jason Voorhees Day is as good a reason as any. Jason from the F13 franchise is probably my all time favorite slasher. I like his methodology because although the classic shot of him is with the machete he’s so much more of an opportunist and at least in the early films it was about the suspense not just the kill.

Anyway, in light of Jason’s slasher tendencies and the movie’s appropriation of the holiday I decided to rummage through my collection for an interesting twist on things. It’s easy to do a horror rock show, or gore-grind show, or even find a good list of slasher themed songs on a day like F13. As a matter of fact, that’s what followed up MPH on party934.com as the soundtrack for Big Rob’s Hard Corps 101.

But, it’s autumn and the crisp fall air reminds me more of doom metal which I thought could be a fun September Sludge way of looking at the playlist. I widened the cast a bit to include post-metal, stoner, doom, sludge and some other stuff where the names and titles alluded to elements I associate with the hold suspense horror flicks. It’s interpretative.

The list, as you’ll see and hear, includes some classic songs (though, I couldn’t find a rip of Pentagram to fulfill a request and I actually forgot to program in Saint Vitus for another) as well as some new ones that happen to fit really well. As I mention on the show, the duet between Mastondon and Clutch’s Neal Fallon is among my favorites (which may inspire a show of guest appearances sometime) and the new Cathedral, their final offering, also includes a nice appearance in it as well which was actually the starting point for assembling the show even though it was the final track. Pick up the free podcast by clicking the hashtag as always, or look up the hashtag on facebook and twitter and grab the link from there!


Entombed “Say it in Slugs” Uprising (watch ending for 1st break)
Crowbar “Planets Collide” Odd Fellows Rest
Eyehategod “99 Miles of Bad Road” Confedercy of Ruined Lives
Corrosion of Conformity “Infinite War” in the Arms of God (cue 06 start)
Cult of Luna “Synchronicity” Vertikal (2013)
Baroness “March to the Sea” Yellow (2012)
Intronaut “Sore Eyes for Sight” Habitual Levitations (2013) (fade in segue)
Neurosis “Eye” Through Silver in Blood
Mastodon feat. Neal Fallon (clutch) “Blood & Thunder” Levithan
High on Fire “Devilution” Blessed Black Wings (watch intro)
Cathedral feat. Cris Reifert (death, arsis) “Catherdral of the Damned” the Last Spire (2013)

I also too the time, on a more serious note, to shout out the Jersey Shore once again. It was a sad week as the only recently rebuilt (after Hurricane Sandy) boardwalk of Seaside was engulfed by a multialarm fire that blazed for more than eight hours, covering two towns and over 50 businesses, evacuating residences yet again and truly stressing an already vulnerable area. My friends at the Salvation Army in NJ were doing everything they can since some of them are shore area people themselves and despite the anti-Beenie stance some snobs down the shore have, it’s time for everyone to pitch in again and make our state whole.


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