quip: the real world

microphone wikipediaOver the decade, maybe slightly more, talking heads have gone well beyond their traditional influence. In some sociopolitical spheres they do more than inspire the casual discourse they completely permeate and attempt to dominate the electoral and legislative process. Yet for all their hot air they are rather light on fact which has been a boone to fact checkers who at the dawn of the internet thought they were going to be out of jobs. This isn’t a diss on well cited opinion pieces as much as it is the rhetoric flailing insanity that passes off itself as truthiness

In discussing this phenomenon around recent events in the news I couldn’t help myself in noting an interesting simile:

Poli-opeds are as reliable a source of world information and analysis for decision making as MTVs the real world or Big Brother is a source for the psychology of people in determining how to select a roommate


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