mixtape: Virgo Birthday

MPHimage_1I am a Virgo. I normally don’t put a whole lot of stock into those stereotypes but as it happens a whole bunch of like minded individuals I know are all also born under the Virgo sign. Like minded so much so that they became the inspiration for this week’s MPH noise on Party 934 broadcast.

The show cut a great balance of classic metal and punk with some much newer releases that represent a range of prog and hardcore with some interesting twists in the mix. A few standouts: Iron Maiden, because they are the band that “Made Me Metal” and I don’t play them nearly enough on the weekly broadcast, I went with the song that defined my Maiden love and journey into why I do this show every week as a metal fan. Sepultura, Fates Warning and Testament all happen to also be highly influential to me personally but were actually requests and shout outs from listeners and friends alike. It worked out well in supporting new songs by Soilwork and Karnivool, which surprisingly also came as requests off of damned good releases in the running for some of my tops of the year. A whole set was dedicated to Virgo moshers, initially all four suggestions were made by female listeners but as I was handing out shout outs on the fly during the show I think all three went out that way. And, of course, it ended something completely different, Volbeat who wrapped up the show with a nice change of sonic pace.

What I like about shows like this is how the theme of Virgo birthday requests can string together such a diverse range of sonic qualities to craft something that for most aficionados of heavy music could enjoy. It also is fun for me to program (which is by far and away my favorite part of doing a radio program like MPH noise) in order to weave together all the tracks and keep the story line flowing throughout with smooth segues. All in all, I think it came out well, especially getting to debut a few new songs in what would normally have been an all recurrents show. Grab the podcast and tracklist after the jump


Sepultura “Propaganda” Chaos AD
Karnivool “the Refusal” Asymmetry (2013)
Fates Warning “Through Different Eyes” Pefect Symmetry
Iron Maiden “Wasted Years” Somewhere in Time
Perception “Nonexistence” Reason & Faith (2013)
Boysetsfire “Heads will Roll” While a Nation Sleeps (2013)
Pennywise “All or Nothing” AON
Rise Against “Paper Wings” Siren Songs…
NoFX “Lineolem” Punk in Drublic
Soilwork “Realm of the Wasted” the Living Infinite (2013)
Testament “DNR” the Gathering (:24)
Zao “Praise the War Machine” the Funeral of the God
Carcass “Cadaver Pouch Converyor System” Surgial Steel (2013)
Volbeat “Dead but Rising” Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies (2013)


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