mixtape: Oh Canada Metal

MPHimage_1So, the French-Canadian side of my heritage has helped me formulate a soft spot for Canadian music and as anyone in the metal scene will tell you there is absolutely no shortage of “crazy canucks” creating cacophony. It’s almost a prerequisite within the genre for this to be true.

Friday was the anniversary of Jacques Cartier’s landing at the Iroquois village of Stadacona which resulted in the first official French settlement in the Americas named Charlesbourg-Royale at western tip of Cape Diamond in the 1500s. So, what we did with MPH noise was to explore the vast array of Canadian metal, punk and hardcore available from the Great White North. Fortunately, there was a double shift covering for Big Rob’s Hard Corps 101, which provided extra time and the opportunity to tie in the Franco-American influence to it’s original French roots with a froggies featurette during the show. The show also allowed me to get past some nagging regarding regional showcases for Sweden, Norway, Philadelphia and to a degree even CBGBs NYC last week while not paying homage to my own lineage and a personal favorite.

Typically, the MPH on Party934 broadcast contains a mix of metal, punk and hardcore to challenge the listener (and myself) and Canadian heavy music easily fits the bill, free ranging from the prog influences of SYL, Eths, UneXpect and Into Eternity, the punkish dispositions of Alexisonfire, Cursed, Grade and the Sainte Catherines, the technical ferocity of Cryptopsy, Neuraxis, Gorguts and Divinity to name just a few featured on the show and that didn’t even hit on everything I expected to cover

Making things more difficult was the shear number of good bands I just didn’t have quality recordings of to include on the show (and couldn’t obtain in time for the broadcast, Maharaj was probably top of the list) plus having to make decisions to leave out classic bands like Rush or hard rockers like Finger Eleven from the mix despite the interest by listeners. I left the mic break markers in so you can visualize the program when reading the playlist this time too…

#OhCanadaMetal + #FrancoMetalConnection

Strapping Young Lad “Relentless” SYL

Gorguts “le Toit du Monde” Colored Sands (2013)
Neuraxis “Reflections” Passage
Despised Icon “le Chene et le Roseau” Consumed by Your Poison
Cryptopsy “And the it Passes” And Then You’ll Beg
Beneath the Massacre “Symptoms” Incongruous (2012)

VoiVod “Empathy for the Enemy” Target Earth (2013)
The End “My Abyss” Emementary
Buried Inside “II” Spoils of Failure
the Cursed “Head of the Baptist” Two

Fractal Gates “the Experiment” Beyond the Self (2013)
Gojira “Space Time” Terra Incognita
Gorod “Here Die Your Gods” Leading Vision
Deep in Hate “Seven Days of the Talion” Origins of Inequality
Eths “harmeguedon” III (2012)

Propaghandi “Devil’s Creek” Failed States (2012)
the Sainte Catherines “Look at the Moon” Those Stars are for You
Grade “termites Hollow” Headfirst Straight to Hell
Alexisonfire “Accidents” Watch Out!

Kataklysm “In Words of Desperation” In the Arms of Devistation
Into Eternity “Cyber Messiah” Dead or Dreaming
Divinity “Emergent” the Singularity
Threat Signal “Through My Eyes” Vigilance
the Agonist “the Escape” Prisoners (2012)

UneXpect “constellation and Mysticism” Utopia


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