quip: Not Rude, Realistic

Times Square WikipediaNew York was voted one of the rudest states in the U.S. in some tourist poll that was going around.

I find that hard to believe. Everyone knows everyone loves New York. That’s the thematic premise of over 25 years of commercials engrained my my brain since childhood, just like Virginia is for lovers, Colorado gets you (a Rocky Mountain) high and Hawai’i are the islands of aloha.

It was moreso for New York City, I’m sure. 54,556 square miles and all anyone associates with it is the less than 23 square miles of Manhattan (and even that’s a stretch).

Often I argue the problem with these polls is that it’s tourists being asked about their tourist experience spending time with other tourists. No self-respecting New Yorker (or Long Islander, Upstater, Jerzite, etc) goes through Times Square so when you’re being shat on by other humans there it’s likely your fellow tourists being rude, arrogant, ignorant and obnoxious. You put that many people in proximity to from states like Kansas, Alabama, Arizona or Iowa who’s entire state population is less than NYC and what would you expect to happen.

So, as discussion about the inaccuracies of the survey continued I blurted out in defense of the New York attitude about tourists:

we’re not rude, we’re realistic


Seriously, after a good laugh there was really nothing left to say.


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