spam poetry: rivalry extratime

Spam Uncanned from WikipediaMake money quick scams are a dime a dozen. They date back to pyramid schemes and chain letters sent through the USPS. All technology has done is make them move quicker. They probably aren’t more effective, nor has creativity level increased in many cases. This seems to be about the same as you’d expect as this insider believes their three step processes embedded in a geocities website style graphic with the attached text tag would be enough to sign me up:

Now more that ever you can’t have enough money to only sit down back as your rivals will almost certainly be working extra time to make as a lot cash as they have been pre-recession. my insider tells me three steps you follow to win big and make no extra time for yourself so don’t question.

(did you catch the mediocre attempt at a non-rhyme?! that’s my favorite part)


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