fight for your life

Alex Rodreguez by Keith Allison WikipediaRhetoric is a dangerous tool. Especially when wielded by inefficient users. (that would be most of them)

The news the last few days has been dominated by Alex Rodriguez. You’d think it was a slow news day, but unfortunately it’s not which means important topics are being overlooked. Well, not Carlos Danger and New York City Mayoral Race, but you’d expect that. It’s the same kind of train wreck in slow motion.

“inside every man is a struggle between good and evil that cannot be resolved” – homer simpson

Then again, with a statement like this perhaps it should be regarded with even more critical coverage: “I’m fighting for my life.”

What kind of self-absorbed mega-jerk says something like that about a situation they chose to put themselves in and expects some kind of sympathy for it?

No Mr. Rodriguez, you are not fighting for your life. AIDS victims fight for their life. Cancer patients fight for their life. Girls born in certain parts of China fight for their life. Child soldiers fight for their life.

It is insulting to even have to point out that such a turn of phrase is so far from appropriate it’s in it’s own universe. Then again, when you think the world revolves around you like A-rod does where else would you keep your sentiments but in their own universe.

Although you defer to a love of the game as being a motivating factor, a driving force for your continued fight, if you really loved the game you would have accepted your punishment as it were. You wouldn’t have been caught in multiple accusations throughout your career of cheating. You wouldn’t have lied. You wouldn’t have tried to coerce others to lie with you. You wouldn’t have refused to negotiate earlier on and played chicken with your employer and the league.

You, Mr. A-fraud, are fighting for money. Nothing more. 211 games is going to cost you an aweful lot of money from the Yankees and strip you of the potential to earn even more as endorsement deals disappear and your merchandise becomes worthless the longer you’re away from baseball.

Playing through your appeal offers you the opportunity to continue earning money. You better make the most of it. If this happened to a normal person they wouldn’t be getting such a “second chance.” One in three cancer victims don’t get a second chance after fighting for their lives. AIDS victims don’t get a second chance fighting for their lives.

Then again, you’re a baseball player. A New York Yankee player. You have access to things most of us only dream about. And, yet, that’s not enough. Mr. Steinbrenner must be rolling over in his grave at how you single-handedly have managed to tarnish the legacy of such a storied franchise know for its fascination for presentation. All of us baseball fans view you with that kind of contempt, that’s for sure.

Sadly, you’re playing because no one has the power to stop you. Not that they haven’t tried but the methods could open the league to unwanted fallout damaging more than letting you continue to make an ass out of yourself ever could. And, maybe that’s the hope, Mr. Rodreguez, you continue being yourself which in turn will do more damage to who you are then any lifetime ban handed down at this moment ever could.

The best that could happen is exactly that, because without it, there’s a very good possibility that even with the proof positive of your cheating someone would re-hire you just for the off-chance you might be a redemption story. Look at Melky Cabera. And, of course, Ryan Braun will be welcomed back with open arms despite his insufferable lies and blatant doping. Without you tripping over your own ego, someone would extend you the same kind of welcoming. Thankfully, it won’t be the Yankees, or the Rangers, or probably Seattle. They’ve all been a part of your A-Roid toxicity.

Normally, I blame the culture of baseball… the culture of America… to iconicize guys not because of their solid all-around play, their work ethic, or what they bring to the overall game by doing the entirety of they’re contracted job day-in and day-out, but because of a singular ability to throw the ball hard or hit it far, as if those were the only attributes of being good at baseball. Then again, as a nation we focus our regimented testing on a narrow view of math and language, rewarding students who are really good a filling in ScanTron bubbles the same way we reward home run hitters with affection.

This situation though is different, because, this of course is A-Rod (the A stands for asshole?)

It’s hard to not feel bad for him being so tone deaf. Sure, the previously established guidelines for Performance Enhancing Drugs punishment include 50-game suspensions for first time offenders who test positive and 100-game suspensions for a second violation, and 211 games for a player who has neither could be construed as being excessive. But, to make statements to the press like he’s fighting for his life and to somehow pass off the blame to everyone without taking any responsibility for himself in any of this is just gregarious.

And, it’s not like we didn’t see his recovery from previous injuries and then look at his more human recovery from this hip surgery compared to before when he probably was doping to now when the microscope is crashing on him. Among the betting types, there are many who have their money against a successful return in the short term of his appeal. Personally, I think his timing will be off which will result in him pressing which will open him to additional injury as well as significantly lower power numbers and a much higher strike out rate. I reserve my final notes till we have a sample size to work with but if he puts up a lot of negative boxcars don’t color me surprised, in an alternate universe where doping is encouraged he’s come back from hip surgery without regression, then again there’s also an alternate universe where he didn’t have surgery because he doped his way around deterioration AND a universe where he’s already under a life time ban (how do I move to that one?)

What bugs me most about his insecurity is that it negates so many hopes and dreams… of kids who unfortunately looked up to him but moreso for those who really are fighting for their lives and don’t have the multiple chances he’s bought himself in life when luck and nature ran out.


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