mixtape: Metaldelphia music

MPHimage_1There’s some debate as to how New Jersey is divided up. For anyone near the New York Metropolis if it falls below the Raritan River it’s South Jersey. This leaves a large swath of land unnecessarily for the Philadelphia Metropolis to lay claim to, which is why I have an affinity to City of Brotherly Love having lived for many years in Central Jersey. It of course doesn’t hurt that Philly has (Pat’s) cheese steaks, pretzels, Yards beer (and the good Yungling back in the day), South Street, the Troc, the Reading Terminal Market, Grindcore House, the First Unitarian Music Hall, Independence Mall and so on, but more importantly the love lies in the many good friends who live in the area.

The other weekend I went down for a visit to catch up on old times and make a few new memories. Not everyone I’d hoped to catch up with came out (par for the course, I suppose) but for those who did we had a good time. We talked about seeing Boysetsfire, the Dillinger Escape Plan, Burnt by the Sun, the Postman Syndrome and the Loved Ones back in the day and it got me to thinking about how many good band’s cut their teeth in Philly and how many great memories I had experiencing them. Since I’ve done regional features before on MPH this seemed about as good a time as any to bring together the greater Philadelphia music scene – and it is the greater Philly area, to be sure.

Diversity is one of the keys of the mix. Although the influence of Relapse Records and the techcore and grind scenes spans far and wide in the region, that’s not all it has to offer. This was the real of of piecing together the list as it spanned through Trenton and New Brunswick, Newark DE, Allentown/Bethlehem and so on it borrowed elements of punk and hardcore, art and noise, death and grind and more, encapsulating the range of what the region actually is.

Putting the list together was challenging because I just couldn’t fit it all into an hour…

This included a few new releases, including one band I’m personally pretty hyped on, in combination with some classics and heavy regional influences and of course a few requests and some personal favorites. All in all, I think it does justice to what the Philly heavy music sound is: a hodgepodge of styles that just seem to go together, if for no other reason that that’s what Philly is. If I get around to it, I’ll pull together the rest of my notes and put the left-off bands for this week’s MPH broadcast in the comments section.


FortheLoveof “In Consequence” In Consequence (bleed song intro into show intro)
A Life Once Lost “Vulture” Hunter
This.Day.Forward “One & One” in Response
Mewithoutyou “Flamethrower” I Never Said That I Was Brave
Starkweather “the End of All Things” This Sheltering Night
East of the Wall “Linear Failure” the Apologist
Boysetsfire “Let it Bleed” Nation (2013) (start :03 end 3:00)
Snowing “Malk it” I Could Do Whatever I Wanted
the Loved Ones “Suture Self” Keep Your Heart
the Bouncing Souls “Quick Chek Girl” Maniacal Laughter
the Dillinger Escape Plan “the Threat Posed by Nuclear Weapons” One of Us is the Killer (2013)
Burnt By the Sun “Soundtrack to the Worst Movie Ever” …the Personal Revolution
Discordance Axis “Jigsaw” the Inalienable Dreamless
Cadaveric Spasm “Lady Uda” Mambo Number Grind (2013)(ends 3:10)
Dysrhythmia “In Secrecy” Test of Submission (manual fade)


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