mixtape: midsummer metalcore

MPHimage_1I love alliteration, the same way that I am a sucker for lots of other literary techniques. Midsummer Metalcore was as much a show descriptor as it was abuse of alliteration just because I could.

This week I wasn’t exactly being lazy about show programming for MPH but it certainly was not far from such an experience either. There wasn’t as much free time as I was anticipating to review music, research facts on some of the bands and basically put together the rest of the show ideas as I would normally dedicate to things.

After seeing Car Bomb in Delaware (I’m in Delaware?!) the other weekend I was in a very technical hardcore kind of mood. Since the last few shows have skewed significantly more metal and since Big Rob covering has made a point of hitting up some interesting hardcore, metalcore and punk roots subbing for me with Hard Corps 101 I thought I’d bring things around on MPH for the show tying all of this together.

I’m reminded in doing this how short an hour long show actually is because I was forced into cutting several tunes from the list including a couple of requests. They will make it in a future episode of the show and the shout out’s I could get in are in the MP3 podcast linked after the jump.


Boysetsfire “Everything Went Black” While a Nation Sleeps (2013)
the Dillinger Escape Plan “Understanding Decay” One of Us is the Killer (2013)
Into the Moat “Grunt” the Campaign
Glass Casket “and so it was said” We are Gathered Here Today
Carbomb “Lower the Blade” w^w^^w^w (2012)
Oathbreaker “No Rest for the Weary” Eros | Anteros (2013)
Most Precious Blood “Enthusiatic Eugenicist” DNR
ForTheLoveOf “Relapse” In Consequence
Strife “Overthrow” In This Defiance
Converge “Veins & Veils” All We Love We Leave Behind (2012)
Killswitch Engage “You Don’t Bleed for Me” Disarm the Descent (2013)
Remembering Never “Plotting a Revolution in a Mirror Women and Children Die First
Haste “Vicki…Is This a Compromise”
Vision of Disorder “Loveless” the Curse Remain Cursed (2012)
Martyr AD “25/75” the Human Condition..


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2 Responses to mixtape: midsummer metalcore

  1. Now this is my type of playlist!

    • thedoormouse says:

      Thanks Jesse, I enjoyed broadcasting that evening, though, I’m sure my neighbors didn’t enjoy the scream along that went with it every time the mic was muted!

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