Quick Shot: disabled dilusions

Fantasy Sports Tarnation Contrary to the image to the left, the league owns me and I am it’s bitch right now…

This is the first year since probably the beginning of my foray into fantasy sports that I’ve not actually been all that interested in participating in my league. At first I blamed it on the lasting effects of the hockey lockout, but eventually as I attained a level of success in the league and my own hockey interest peeked I followed things closer and eventually closed out another solid year in hockey.

Baseball has become a whole different matter. Both leagues I participate in have been less-than enjoyable for a number of reasons. Call it burnout from years of playing in the same two leagues. Call it disappointment with less that great drafts. Call it disillusion with my fantasy team rosters (more on this later). Or, call it a problem with my baseball interest itself.

This last point is probably an entire post on its own but a few important statements of note. First, the Yankees. The injuries, the uninspiring over-performance of a mediocre team in the first quarter of the season, more injuries, the inevitable regress to the mean in the second quarter, more injuries, A-fraud and so on and it’s understandable I might look away. Then, the Washington Nationals. Just when it seemed like it might be ok to be a Nats fan they go and pull a Washington Capitals type of regression and are struggling to win games. Whatever enthusiasm I would have hoped to draw from a successful Nats run to balance the Yanks is mostly lost. Finally, even though everyone seems hyped to hell on Puig (as well they should be with the fireworks display he’s putting on) I’m just not that personally amped on any given player this year. Usually I’m on some soapbox by this point in the season about someone, but all I can do is drum up reasons for last minute free agent roster moves (and pray that someone like Sori comes to the Yanks for a Renaissance remake of their career).

Anyway, back to my fantasy teams…

Part of the dis-interest is because ever time I check my team it seems like I’ve collected more red DL badges than active players, particularly on the mound. DL’d or long benched due to injury: Jason Motte (STL-RP); Joel Hannaran (Bos-RP); Matt Garza (CHC-SP); Jhoulys Chacin (Col-SP); Kyugi Fujikawa (CHC-RP); Johnny Cuento (CHI-SP); RA Dickey (Tor-SP); Roy Halliday (Phi-SP); Eric O’Flarity (Atl-RP), JJ Putz (Ari-RP); Jim Henderson (Mil-RP); Wei-Yin Chen (Bal-SP); Jake Peavy (CWS-SP), Yu Darvish (LAD-SP), Alex Cobb (TB-SP) and there were probably a few others I forgot about in the player log… (and, also note a couple hit the DL multiple times, because I wasn’t smart enough to just drop them the first time)

And, that was just the pitchers, I had a few position players take the plunge too, but we won’t go there. Compared to the Spring Surprises that I started my roster with, both went through the necessary overhaul to just about keep me out of last place

Team one

Twelve teams, eight place. My goal here is honestly sixth or fifth so I seed in the top half of the playoffs and am able to play for real and not the consolation spots in the basement. It’s attainable but not without a good amount of luck and more roster attention than I’ve been giving it, particularly the still questionable Darvish trade I backed into and the druggie Braun’s suspension. Current roster looks loaded with 1B eligible players but really it’s more just the flexibility in the infield that it alludes to with only five carry overs of the 10 position players. Heavy on the pitchers who aren’t pitching well and above average turn over there, obviously:

C/1B Joe Mauer (Min)
1B Justin Morneau (Min)
1B/2B Daniel Murphey (MYN)
1B/OF Allen Craig (StL)
2B/3B/OF Kelly Johnson (TB)
3B Matt Dominguez (Hou)
SS Andrelton Simmons (Atl)
OF Carlos Gomez (Mil)
OF Carlos Gonzalez (Col)
OF Jacoby Elsbury (Bos)

SP Matt Garza (Tex)
SP Jeremy Hellickson (TB)
SP Tim Lincecum (SF)
SP Ervin Santana (KC)
SP Travis Wood (ChC)
SP Jhoulys Chacin (Col)
SP Hyun-Jin Rui (LAD)
SP Jeremy Guthrie (KC)

RP Jon Papalban (Phi)
RP Jim Henderson (Mil)

Team Two

If team one looked bad, team two isn’t going to light your fire either than ranking 9 of 12 with more rotisserie losses than wins consistently and a lot of head shaking. Pulled down two mostly unnoteworthy trades, though, ditching Halladay for Soriano to improve my bench while eliminating dead weight on paper looks good even though my standings rank doesn’t reflect it. I don’t even feel like discussing the rest of the turnover.

C Joe Buck (NYM)
1B/LF/RF Allen Craig (Stl)
1B/3B/LF Todd Fraizer (Cin)
1B/RF Adrain Gonzalez (LAD)
2B Dustin Pedroia (Bos)
2B Ian Kinsler (Tex)
SS Starlin Castro (ChC)
SS Jimmy Rollins (Phi)
3B Pablo Sandoval (SF)
LF Alfonso Soriano (ChC)
CF Michael Bourn (Cle)

SP Yu Darvish (Tex)
SP Mat Latos (Cin)
SP Mike Leake (Cin)
SP Jeff Locke (Pit)
SP RA Dickey (Tor)
SP Justin Masterson (Cle)

SP/RP Shelby Miller (StL)
SP/RP Hisashi Iwakuma (Sea)
SP/RP Eric Stults (SD)

RP Addison Reed (CWS)
RP Edward Mujica (StL)
RP JJ Putz (Ari)

Don’t feel bad for me, I don’t… just wish me a better second half!

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