mixtape: war metal

MPHimage_1Friday, just over 200 years ago the United States invaded Windsor, Ontario, Canada to initiate the War of 1812. In the end, the multi-year campaign helped settle the remaining de-Colonialization issues still between the the US and the United Kingdom of Great Britain resulting in the Treaty of Ghent. The result of the conflict further established young United States as a military force to be reckoned despite the war mostly being a (British) sideshow to the Napoleonic Wars in Europe. It also proved a sense of pride for Canadians having thwarted US annexation efforts. And, most notably, it began the unbroken 200 year (and counting) peace between the US and both Canada and the UK.

In metal war is a common, recurrent theme beginning with the big-three of Sabbath, Purple and Zeppelin who routinely drew from varying aspects of it and from which nearly every sub-genre of metal, punk and hardcore have borrowed thematic ideas, be them historical or literary, factual to fictitious, pro, anti or personally interpretative. This week’s MPH is a War Metal show is a lose list of songs dealing with all elements of conflict in general and explore the many aspects of war through the lense of heavy music. I tried to keep a special focus on some of the new songs within the set and then mixed in the requests that had an overtone of war that made sense to include on the show as well. For the most part, I feel like it came out pretty good, so check out the whole list after the jump (including a link to the Free Podcast of the show!).

Originally, I intended on doing some not-for-profit showcasing of local veterans services but since none of them took the time to reply to my inquests before I had to air the show none of their work was able to be included, however, I do encourage you to look up the local ones to your area, be them civilian reintegration services, PTSD assistance or even LGBT and other minority needs if you need just a few suggestive starting points.

It goes without saying war is controversial so it only stands to reason that there’s in inherent disclaimer that any opinions are those of the artists being spun and not that of the host (that’s me!) or Party 934 as a station. Not that you’d ever confuse them.


Megadeth “Built for War” Super Collider (2013)
Amon Amarth “We Shall Destroy” Deceiver of the Gods (2013)
Slayer “War Painted Blood” WPB (check intro)
Living Sacrifice “the Battle” Death Machine [EP]
Darkane “Insurrection is Imminent” the Sinister Supremacy (2013)
Extol “sting of Death” Extol (2013)
Life in Your Way “Hope is War” Ignite and Rebuild
Unearth “Arise the War Cry” tDarkness in the Ligh
Heaven Shall Burn “the Weapon they Fear” Antigone
Nexus “the War of Thought” the Paradise Complex
After the Burial “Warm Thoughts of Warfare” Forging a Future Self
the Black Dahlia Murder “Warborn” Nocturnal
Malefice “Bringer of War” Entities
Dying Fetus “In Times of War” Destroy the Opposition
Omnium Gatherum “Formidable” Beyond (2013)
Valhalla “Battle” Petrean Self
Skinless “Trample the Weak, Hurdle the Dead” TTW HTD
Illdisposed “Time to Dominate” Sense the darkness
Noumena “Let it Run Red” Death Walks With Me (2013)
Fractal Gates “We Are All Leaders” Beyond the Self (2013)
Mastodon “Battle at Sea” Lifesblood
Testament “Shades of war” Low
Hypocrasy “Soldier of Fortune” End of Disclosure (2013)
Iced Earth “declaration day” the glorious burden
Katatonia “Onward into Battle” Night is the New Day


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