quip: stinky city

asbury park boardwalk wikipediaEveryone makes fun of the Dirty Jerzy and I suppose with good reason when the only thing you know of the state is the corridor of the Turnpike running from about the Outer Bridge Crossing to the Lincoln Tunnel. My favorite place to bust on though is Philthadelphia. It’s Smelladelphia. It’s Phailadelpha, Phartadelpha and even Skankadelphia at times. Those aren’t the only local places that have odoriferous impacts though and I was very quick to point out the difference between my weekend down the Jersey Shore and returning to the sweatbox of NYC:

Oh New York Shitty you are no Jersey Shore with your warm stagnant air and smell of urine instead of a cool, saltly ocean breeze, your hot, skeevy pavement instead of a sand-dusted boardwalk, your smog-stained buildings instead of beach bungalows and taffy shops …


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One Response to quip: stinky city

  1. charlie says:

    Great post, keep up with the hard work, youre doing it right!

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