mixtape: a sort of fairytale

MPHimage_1Typically, mixtapes this year have focused on my Party934 radio show titled MPH (for Metal Punk Hardcore, or Mosh Pit Hell, or Makes People Hollah … take your pick). I cover for other jocks on the station and sometimes this gives me an opportunity to break away from my typical format a bit which is what occurred the other night when I subbed for a woman who does a more folk leaning show. It’s not all unwashed crooners with an acoustic guitar so this gave me a little leeway on how I could interpret the shift.

Recently, I’d put together a mix for someone with a bunch of female fronted artists. Many of them fall into a singer-songwriter vibe but I stretched the limits of expectation by going on a few tangents along the way as well. That’s the fun of exploring music in such a manner sometimes unlike things still go together because it’s not about the over-aching genre tag it’s about the actual song execution. This mix became the foundation for the show which I tried to keep interesting enough for both her usual listeners and my follow-along fans tuning in as well as for myself, because after all I have to engineer the show once it’s programmed and there’s no sense in playing things I won’t enjoy hearing between air-checks.

What I like about this list is the fluidity of it… It’s not so smooth that it’s predictably and yet it’s not so ragged that the listener trips over it. There’s lightness to it with some of the more poppy songs while there’s a darkness lying just below the surface on some of the more artsy ones. It moves from known quantities to album cuts, from familiar names to underground gems and through blurred genre lines where the only cohesion is in the melodic delivery. All-in-all it came out well and the person who the mixtape was original for before it became a radio show episode absolutely loved it, so in that measure there’s no better way to describe it.

tori amos “a sort of fairytale” scarlets walk
regina spektor “don’t leave me” what we saw from the cheep seats
lilly allen cooper “22” it’s not you
kate victoria tunstall “suddenly i see” eye to the telescope
skunk anansie “meet your hero” black traffic
nelly furtado “i’m like a bird” woah nelly
annake van giernsbergen “feel alive” everything is changing
in this moment “beautiful tragedy” beautiful tragedy
flyleaf “stand new” horizons
the gathering “paper waves” disclosure
geethali shankar (aka norah jones) “she’s 22” little broken hearts
annie danielewski (aka poe) “beautiful girl” hello
leslie fiest “1-2-3-4” the reminder
firefight “forever” acoustic unplugged
within temptation (feat avg) “somewhere ” live acoustic
10,000 maniacs “hey jack keroac” mtv live acoustic
patti smith “because the night” easter (bruce springsteen cover)
the tiny “they say it’s weird” starring: someone, like you


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