mixtape: metal perfect numbers

MPHimage_1Friday was 6/28. Six and Twenty-eight are the first two perfect numbers in a string of known perfect numbers making the date the only day of the year consisting of two consecutive perfect numbers. This became the inspiration for this week’s MPH which was consisted of consecutive showtimes due to the covering again of Hard Corps 101. I’ll be honest, when I go back to only doing an hour show I’ll be sad to not be able to include quite the same range as I’ve become accustomed to the last few weeks… however, I’ll be infinitely happy to have Big Rob back in his normal slot because I do love our show planning banter.

To celebrate the perfect numbers I took the task quite literally. Rather than trying to define what constitutes the “perfect” song to my ears, a task that easily would have pissed off all three of my regular listeners and caused me more angina than anyone needs to experience I opted for songs containing reference to perfection and its synonyms. When all else failed at that point I borrowed a few mathematical references and voila, a show about perfect metal numbers (and all the lovely puns you can work out around that).

The whole following along with the show on the hashtag seemed to be working pretty well the last few weeks so I was inspired to throw a little extra traffic at the show’s social media by featuring a video this week regarding the progress of a brand new talk show experience like no other. It’s Complicated is a young adult focused show filmed in Brooklyn, NY, where real teens debate realissues and hit the streets of New York with social experiments, interviews, performance art and more. The promo trailer can be viewed at youtu.be/kxh_8MsIe1k. Apart from the musical ending segment which really did nothing for me personally the rest of the concept is really well done and it features students from Essex Street Academy, a New York City Public School on the Lower East Side that’s received special focus from Party 934’s MPH in the past too.

The full playlist and some of my programming notes follow the jump (don’t forget to click through to go straight to the show podcast too!)

Another Perfect Day “Another Perfect Day” Four Songs for the Left Behind (cue to :19)
August Burns Red “Provision” Rescue & Restore (2013)
Soilent Green “For Lack of Perfect Words” Inevitable Collapse…
Decapitated “Perfect Dehumanisation” Nihility (cue to :28)
Miseration “Perfection Destroyed” Your Demons, Their Angels
Despised Icon “Immaculate” the Healing Process
Between the Buried and Me “Lost Perfection: Coulrophia” the Silent Circus (cue to :17)
Soilwork “Spectrum of Eternity” the Living Infinite (2013)
Byzantine “Absolute Horizon” Oblivion Beckons (cue to :27)
Slayer “Aggressive Perfector” reign in Blood
Darkane “the Sinister Supremicy” TSS (2013)
candiria “Mathematics” Process of Self.Development
Grade “Victims of Mathematics” under the Radar
Iscariot “Stars are Perfection” Lifeless Design
This.Day.Forward “Kissing Perfection’s Cheek” Fragments of an Untold Story
haste the day “the Perfect Night” When Everything Falls
Intronaut “Eventual” Habitual Levitations (2013)
Your memorial “Immaculate Design” Atonement
TesserecT “perfection” ep
Extol “Unveiling the Obscure” self-titled (2013)
Fractal Gates “the Experiment” Beyond the Self (2013)
Before the Dawn “Perfect Storm” Rise of the Pheonix
Living Sacrifice “Pefect” the Hammering Process
Shadows Fall “Picture Perfect” Retrobution
the Defaced “the Perfec Shame” anomoly
Boysetsfire “Closure” While a Nation Sleeps (2013)


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