mixtape: Then and Now Music

MPHimage_1Covering another Hard Corps 101 show meant a double shot of MPH this week and what better way to experience it than with double shots from all this week’s featured bands. Since we’re almost halfway through the year and since this is a Summer Solstice Celebration we’re going to look back both at the last six months worth of quality metal, punk and hardcore releases and pair them with a look back at the roots of each band’s career.

This week’s show was inspired by two things, the first of which was the #SupplantedSinger edition of the show the other week, and the That was then, This is now was a segment I previously used on Chaos & Conformity when it aired on WSAM in Hartford. What I always liked about that recurring featurette was the way it showcased the growth of many of the bands. You could obviously hear it in the production value of the efforts, but moreso you could hear the refinement of their composition and their execution. It might be debatable if it was always ‘for the better’ but the idea of the double shot leaves that decision up to the listener as they have the opportunity to dramatically compare and contrast the band’s career.

What I enjoy most about doing thematic shows like this is how much I re-learn about the music myself. Songs I may have forgotten or parts of band’s pasts I don’t visit often find ways of bubbling through in the research of putting the show together. Combining some listener suggestions with my own ideas I was able to get a pretty good look at how far some of the sub-genres have come in the past 20 years which is the best part of doing MPH on party934.

Clutch “a Shogun Named Marcus” Transnational Speedway League
Clutch “Unto the Breach” Earth Rocker (2013)
Soilwork “Drowning With silence” the Living Infinite (2013)
Soilwork “Chainheart Machine” TCM
Dreamshade “Venom of Life” to the Edge of Reality
Dreamshade “the Gift of Life” TGoL (2013)
Dark Tranquility “What Only You Know” Construct (2013)
Dark Tranquility “Hedon” the Mind’s I
Cathedral “Hopkins (the Witchfinder General)” the Carnival Bizarre
Cathedral “Cathedral of the Damned” the Last Spire (2013)
Arsis “Handbook for the Recently Deceased” Unwelcome (2013)
Arsis “the Face of My Innocence” A Celebration of Guilt
the Black Dalia murder “Closed Casket Requiem” Unhallowed
the Black Dalia Murder “In Hell Is Where She Waits for Me” Everblack (2013)
Suffocation “Beginning of Sorrow” Pinnacle of Bedlam (2013)
Suffocation “Pierced from Within” PFW
Hypocrisy “Roswell 47” Abducted
Hypocrisy “Soldier of Fortune” End of Disclosure (2013)
Byzantine “Caldra” Byzantime (2013)
Byzantine “Stoning Judas
Killswitch Engage “Temple from the Within” Kse
Killswitch Engage “Time Will Not Remain” Disarm the Descent (2013)
Voivod “Empathy for the Enemy” Target Earth (2013)
Voivod “Nanoman” Negatron

What were some of your favorite albums from the first half of 2013… did I miss someone you think I should have included?  what two songs would you have chosen to represent their career from then till now?


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