mixtape: Union dissolution metal

MPHimage_1This week’s MPH noise on Party934.com, 94.9 FM in the Hudson Valley show fell on the interesting historical coincidence where friday in 1905 the Norwegian parliament dissolved it’s union with Sweden, then 35 years later, the Crown price goes into exile in 1940 to escape the occupying invasion and the returns the same day five years later at the end of WWII. In an honor to the diverse influence of Norwegian music and to balance the all-Sweden show a few weeks back this week is all about Norse metal.

When I did the Stepped on Over to Sweden edition of the show back in March I was duly informed there was more to Scandinavian metal than the “Gothenburg” sound, which of course, I was already well aware. In creating this week’s show I wanted to skew away from the Viking Metal theme and the overwhelming Black Metal influence that typically is associated with the country and showcase the sonic diversity I fell in love with when I realized how many bands I enjoyed hailed from Norway. I’ve also included some of the related projects by members of these groups in case you’re really curious about learning more about the sound.

Rather than the usual not-for-profit type stuff I usually feature on the show, and since Norwegians didn’t play a huge role in the city’s development as many of the immigrants hopscotched to the north-central US to settle, I decided instead to talk a little about the Govenor’s Music Ball Festival on Randall’s Island happening not far from my humble abode and focus the rest of the show on the tunes which not only reminded me how much music I really own but how diverse my listening really is and how wacky my brain is to be able to move so fluidly stylistically when most people would have given up even as the younger generation is less genrefied then when I grew up.

Madder Mortem “Rust Cleansing” Deadlands

Borknagar “the Eye of Oden” the Olden Domain – “supergroup” included members involved in Age of Silence, Arcturus, Cronian, Dimmu Borgir, Enslaved, Fission, Gorgoroth, Havayoth, ICS Vortex, Immortal, Otyg, Solefald, Spiral Architect, Thornbound, Ulver, Vintersorg, Waterclime, and others.

Emperor “the Warriors of Modern Death” IX Equilibrium – when not imprisoned or underground members were involved in Burzum, Dødheimsgard, Enslaved, Gorgoroth, Green Carnation, Ihsahn, Ildjarn, Mortiis, Peccatum, Satyricon, Thou Shalt Suffer, Zyklon, Carpathian Forest, Blood Red Throne… to name a few

In Vain “Captivating Solitude” Mantra

Green Carnation “the Quiet Offspring” tQO – the initial split of GF resulted in the formation of In the Woods… and the continued work by Tchort forged connections to Emperor, Carpathian Forest, Blood Red Throne, plus members have participated in Soxpan ITW, Shining, Tristinia, Trail of Tears, Chain Collector and a number of choral groups and string ensembles

Extol “Grace for Euccession” (thrash) Synergy heavily influenced by Believer and are connected to Lengsel, Benea Reach, Ganglion, Serena Maneesh, Raison d’être, Dr. Midnight and the Mercy Cult, Sanctum and, of course, Mantric.

Conception “Under a Morning Star” In Your Multitude – members currently contribute to Kamelot, Ark, Crest of Darkness

Spiral Architect “Excissit” A Sceptic Universe – members have contributed to Arcturus, Borknagar
Satyricon, Testament, Sturmgeist, Vintersorg, Enslavement of Beauty, Ihsahn, Lunaris, Scariot, Manitou, Thornbound, and System: Obscure.

Mantric “Symptoms” the Descent – formed from members of Extol, Lengsel, Ganglion, Silver

Shining “My Dying Drive” One One One (2013) – all you need to do is track down the cover version of King Crimson’s 21st Century Schizoid Man they dueted with Enslaved


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