bacon & bourbon: Genesis bar

Genesis UES NYCNew York City is a culinary mecca and with that comes competition for everything that can possibly be edible and digestible including hamburgers. Everywhere you look in the city there’s some burger joint touting the best burger, having won some award from any of the number of media outlets covering the city’s foodie scene. Most of these are sheik creations of epic magnitude designed to inspire awe and sometimes shock at how savvy they sound.

And, then there are the good old fashion burgers that keep it simple and compliment the patty and the bun with the most basic of flavors. This is were Genesis comes in up here in my hood. They offer a small selection of excellently crafted burgers that are served with the utmost consistency. Everyone I take there that doesn’t dine on the Irish fare always gravitates toward the burgers which always seem to satisfy regardless your preference of doneness.

My preference is the center of this post… the Gaelic Burger: Irish bacon, sauteed onions and smoked cheddar cheese on a lightly toasted (seedless) roll.

Is there any way that needs any explanation? The flavors compliment one another in such intriguing ways, it’s salty, creamy, crunchy, slightly sweet, juicy, smokey and of course thoroughly meaty. There’s no need for other condiments because it’s naturally perfect as is. It’s an extra napkin kind of sandwich that I don’t put down once it is off the plate

I get mine with chips on the side that I douse with cracked black pepper and malted vinegar and an at-temperate ale and just sit back and enjoy the genius of what Genesis create.


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