mixtape: moshpit madness

MPHimage_1Back before I started doing MPH noise on Party934.com, 94.9 FM in the Hudson Valley I was making weekly “mixtapes” just because I needed the creative outlet for what goes on in my mind musically. I live with Tinnitus and I believe as a coping mechanism my brain has developed an internal jukebox and sometimes it makes things like what you hear on the radio show. Early on in MPH I did a brief history of metalcore which reminded me of shows some of the jocks I used to work with did around breakdowns that inspired an older mixtape on breakdowns. Put it all together with some outstanding listener requests and you get what came out of this week.

The three part criteria for the breakdown should seem rather familiar:

1. It “breaks” the overall song tempo in an abrupt and decisive way. It isn’t a mere transition or a progression, it is it’s own musical part that intercepts the existing momentum.
2. It can’t simply just imply a time change for the sake of a time change. It cannot be a riff with just with the drummer changing where you hear the snare beat. It needs to drive from something deeper than just the click rhythm even if it borrows from an existing motif.
3. It doesn’t need to induce a visceral response, produce a mosh. It needs to be one of those sonic moments that is crushingly different and therefore brutally driving toward something.

With that I didn’t get to all of them and I won’t include all of them in the notes from the show below so that I can revisit this as a theme again.

As anyone who’s spent any time in a mosh pit will tell you it helps to be in shape. New Yorkers can get a leg up on the competition through the Be Fit NYC program. Sponsored by the Parks Department it features hundreds of free or low cost activities throughout the five boroughs including lots of uniquely summer programs like swim lessons, competitive swim teams and senior water aerobics. To learn more about the Be Fit program head over to facebook dot com slash be fit n y c or n y c gov parks dot org slash be fit n y c. If you’re not in N Y C check with your local parks and recreation department and see what types of programs are available in your area and get yourself mosh pit ready.

Despised Icon “Silver Plated Advocate” from the Healing Process AKA #MoshesPerHour part one!
Lamb of God “Black Label” New American Gospel
Machine Head “Davidian” Burn My Eyes
God Forbid “Nothing” Determination
Chimaira “Severed” Pass Out of Existence
Strife “Stand as One” In This Defiance
Stretch Arm Strong “the Hardest Part” Free At Last
Haste “Confessions of a Lesser Known Saint” When Reason Sleeps
Indecision “Release the Cure” RTC
Norma Jean “Memphis Will be Laid to Waste” Bless the Martyr Kiss the Cynic
Martyr AD “Broken Mouth” the Human Condition in Twelve Fractions
a Plea for Purging “Malevolence” Depravity
Unearth “the Great Dividers” the Oncoming Storm
the Dillinger Escape Plan “43% Burnt” Calculating Infinity


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