recipe: sopa de bacalhau limão

Codfish in Lisbon market WikipediaYou’re probably wondering why in ninety degree weather with high humidity I would make a soup recipe that would be best served hot. Well, this recipe uses a number of attributes from recipes I’ve been introduced to before and I’m not claiming anything about authenticity. All I know is, I made the meal, I felt cooler and completely satisfied. Ultimately, that is what counts.

First and foremost, I would normally make something like this out of cod. Cod prices have gone through the roof and finding sustainable are even more difficult which is is infinitely concerning considering their nature to my culture, but Haddock or other cold, deep water white fish can work, as was my use in this recipe. Salt cod needs to be very seriously treated for a recipe like this which is why I would strongly recommend fresh as available. You’re better off aiming for whatever your fishmonger has than trying to replicate the recipe as dictated.

Secondly, you’ll notice the lemon and you can replace with lime or play with other citrus. The piri are a hot pepper than you can substitute with your personal preference too. Mine were dried piris but their thai cousins work well as I’ve found in a pinch but you might like other Central American, Southeast Asian or Mediterranean ones. The stock is homemade vegetable which actually included quite a bit in the original boil of lime and lemon along with asparagus which carry a very distinct flavor pallet but I’ve done this with many types of veggie stock which I believe would still be superior to say fish or chicken stock as to not overpower the fish itself. You can use fresh peas if you have them, though I rarely do… just not canned (they don’t taste as good, are way too mushy, very salty and do nothing for the dish flavor.

Finally, this was one of those meals that was

Piri Pira
Halved garlic cloves
onion coarsely chopped
lemon (juiced with zest)
vegetable stock
haddock or cod fillets
olive oil
frozen peas
cracked black pepper
large stock pot

In the large stock pot over low heat begin to sautee the onion until it is all translucent but not yet browning
Add the garlic cloves and bring everything to a light brown color
Dry the fish fillets thoroughly and lightly coat in the black pepper, chili powder, coriander, citrus zest and salt.
Add a small amount of stock to de-glaze the pot bottom and then add the fish filets to the stock pot to begin cooking.
Once the bottom side of the fish begins to brown but the fish isn’t quite cooked through add more stock to the pot to the level you want the soup allow the fish to then finish cooking by poaching in the stock
Add the peas to the pot
Flake the fish into large chunks
Add a table spoon at a time of lemon juice to the pot until you reach the acidity level you like, reseason with the chili pepper as necessary


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