quip: the Britney, or Xtina diatribe

Britney Spears Europe WikipediaI belong to a music discussion group that includes a bunch of former and current music industry folk, musicians, audiophiles and collectors, etc. It can get pretty snobbish at times but the pretentiousness is usually kept in check by our biting senses of humor, razor sharp sarcasm and quick whit being we’re all essentially cut from the same cloth. Sparing you some of the more opinionated stench, historical analysis and generally music dorkiness in the editing I’ve pieced together some of the more humorous snippets from a recent conversation. One of the recurring discussion themes is a ‘this or that’ where two similar artists are pitted against one another for compare and contrast then while we criticize and condone one another’s opinions. As you might image, the end result gets a little unweildy while the threat shifts effortlessly through tangents, of which a few took some humorous turns, especially when I busted out some timely quotes that got people laughing:

In discussing the impact of videos on artist’s careers, and where the legacy of the video artist derived we eventually hit on this:

Me: What, no A Ha? that one video made their career!
Friend: Duran Duran did it three years before them, among the others.
Me: Oh the things that you say …
I don’t know what I’m to say I’ll say it anyway …
are you taking me on?
Friend: are you serenading me? HAHAH
Me: Maybe

On the use of leather in video and stage shows:

Friend: lol. oh I’m gonna have to pass on the Britney music but I’ll always look at her lol
Me: She only wears leather slightly better than Rob Halford
Friend: I had no idea that you liked Rob in his leather doormouse
Me: It’s more his cueball cranium, It’s really smooth. Sometimes I stare at it, I imagine a little chick popping out. Peep-peep-peep-peep.
Friend: lol. Thats tuff!! What an image
Another Friend: My day is made, my Priest listening will never be the same and my office doesn’t understand why I’m laughing at my desk
Me: I’ve got you Laughin’ after lunchtime, gigglin’ at your desk
chucklin’ ’til quittin time, then I’m gone, I’m gone
I think we scared everyone else off this thread

Of course, bring up diva’s and Madge has to make an appearance and keep any thread going long enough and there’s a reason to delve into the analog versus digital argument I love to instigate:

friend: Like A Prayer is way better than True Blue, album and song alike.
Me: It was only better on the original cassette tape /cassingle, once that shit went to digital it all sucked
Friend: funny you should say… anyone remember the original cassette for Like A Prayer smelled like patchouli?
Me: are you sure that wasn’t a scratch and sniff sticker from your trapper keeper?
Another friend: was it cool where you were to sniff cassettes, most of us preferred crazy glue back in the day.
Third friend: I don’t recall, but mp3s don’t smell like anything, unless you count the smell emanating after the computer sat on my lap to long while listening
Friend: ok, lets not get too out of control. I was just saying
Me: what, this: (the Ian montage from High Fidelity)


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