mixtape: Tornado Alley Tunes

MPHimage_1After surviving the effects of Hurricane Sandy here in the tri-state and assisting greatly with the outreach for cleanup, etc. (which, as you may know, actually delayed the debut of the show by two months) the storms in Oklahoma this past week struck a chord. So this week as part of MPH noise on Party934.com, 94.9 FM in the Hudson Valley we decided to dedicate the show to the entire tornado alley region as it struggles to recover from it’s own natural disaster. I try not to hold it against the affected citizens there that the government officials they elected selfishly voted against Sandy aid to the 5 states dramatically effected by Sandy while constantly holding their hands out for government handouts after every single storm that hits their impoverished regions. Devastation is devastation no matter where it happens, it just so happens that East Coasters have more hospitality when it comes for caring for everyone else then when it comes for them to care back on a governmental level. But, I’ll get off my soapbox and note:

Guaranteed ongoing support for the victims of the tragic midwest Tornado ourbreaks this season particularly those affected by the strorm centered in Moore, Oklahoma need to happen. As with all disasters immediate aid is easy to come by but as the shock and awe recedes the real challenges begin, just ask those who are still recovering months after Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast. Don’t let the storms be out of sight, out of mind. Do your part by texting REDCROSS to 90999 to make a $10 donation or DONATE to give $25 to T R C for ongoing aid in disaster relief or stop by the O K C headquarters to be put directly to work regionally or try organizations like the Salvation Army text STORM to 80888, AmeriCare text LIVE to 25383, Opt U S A text AID to 50555 and the United Way as well as helping animal victims by reaching out to the ASPCA or Humane Society to find out more on what they need.

And, onto this week’s show, what you probably care most about when I write this stuff up anyhow. As I mentioned, it is about Tornado Alley and thusly you get bands from Texas, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado and Arkansas. You’re probably wondering, “but, hey, doormouse, the storm was in Oklahoma, where’s the OK bands?” I’ll tell you where… they aren’t making metal, punk or hardcore I’m familiar with so I couldn’t include them. And, that’s not to say I didn’t research, because I did, I just didn’t find much of anything to use, even when I inquired to other DJs from out there. No one had compelling suggestions, which isn’t to say there aren’t any … so leave yours in the comments if you know of a good band for next time. For what I did have access to and received requests for I think it cut a good cross section of both the region geographically and sonically and was interesting to piece together as a thematic show, so enjoy the set list below:

Glass Realms “Vipers” Reflections (2013) (texas)
Anacrusis “Silent Crime” Hindsight: Reason (20-Yr Anniv) (Missouri)
Pantera “Living Through Me” the Great Southern Trendkill (Texas)
Living sacrifice “Bloodwork” the Hammering Process (Arkansas)
the Overseer “amend” We Search, We Dig (2012) (Arkansas)
Origin “the aftermath” Anthesis (Kansas)
the Esoteric “ram faced boy” (Kansas)
Coalesce “Still it Sells” Give the Rope She Said (V2.0) (Missouri)
Cephalic Carnage “Dying Will be the Death of me” Anomolies (Colorado)
Fear Before the March of Flames “Hey Kid, I’m a Computer…” Art Damage (Colorado)
Vaux “to the End” On Life: Living (Colorado)
Oh Sleeper “the Siren’s Song” When I Am God (texas)


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