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phonesI work in the web and mobile software industry these days, so among my former music industry friends I am the go-to guy when it comes to a lot of related TelCo stuff because I broke out of that and into this. I’m by no means an expert but as par for the course I follow the goings on pretty close. Among one of the more fun topics to discuss is Sprint who are pretty much a case study in ‘things not to do.’ There’s a couple of friends who are quite critical as ex-Sprint customers who make for great conversations about this kind of thing.

The struggling carrier is in M&A talks, again. One of the suitors’ execs is a notorious ham. He has quite the way with words and recently ripped off this comment to spurn a competing bid for Sprint:

“Do you want to attach a satellite dish to your smartphone? It’s going to become much heavier. I don’t see any real meaningful value that he can offer to the smartphone customers.” – SoftBank Corp. President Masayoshi Son

The quote was so priceless I ran it straight to one of the these friends which prompted this final reply from me:

if I had some photoshopping skills I’d totally mock up what the new Dish powered Nextel device would look like in Mr. Son’s mind
(with a link to the old rotary phone picture attached to this post)

end conversation.


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