mixtape: metalorite mayhem

MPHimage_1I like shows with a theme because I want some deeper meaning in addition to good music and a knowledgeable host. Or at least I’d like to think I’m a knowledgeable host anyhow. So, to that end, using my well known dorkiness in random facts and a little extra research online I am stumbled upon this random tidbit to craft this week’s show around:

April 26, 1803 an L6 class Meteorite shower rained down in in L’Aigle, France” providing the first scientific evidence supporting the extraterrestrial origin of meteorites. Well that and of the 26th a whole bunch of Napolean Bonapart stuff happened in France too, but that we’ll skip over that destruction and focus on the positive of some spacial stuff.

The MPH noise on Party934.com, 94.9 FM in the Hudson Valley show hits a few interesting French bands as a middle segment that I really am excited about featuring being it’s my ancestor homeland as well as some bands from Canada that are influenced by their Quebec roots AND a few songs with a sci-fi or space theme, or just seem to have some kind of “futuristic” element to them. Ok, so it IS a stretch compared to some of my themes but It was a damned good show in my mind “kong and kodos” style and despite MPH not being a “new music show” featured quite a bit of new stuff for the week incuding some that might sneak into a end-of-year top whatever.

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Voivod “Corps Etranger” Target Earth (2013)
Combat Astronomy “Telos Kundalini” Apocalypse (2013)
the Refused “Liberation Frequency” the Shape of Punk to Come
Shining “Blackjazz Rebels” One One One (2013)
Fractal Gates “Everblaze” Beyond the Self (2013)
Deep in Hate “unworthy species” Origins of Inequality
Uneven Structure “Hail”
Gojira “liquid Fire” L’enfant sauvage (2012)
Omnium Gatherum “New Dynamic” Beyond (2013)
Before the Dawn “the Wake” Deathstar Rising
Killswitch Engage “a Tribute to the Falled” Disarm the Descent (2013)
Cynic “Celestial Voyage” focus


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