quip: digital non acceptance

Profanity from WikipediaI may have mentioned once, or twice, I belong to a music aficionado online group where we debate some pretty ridiculous opinions about just about anything music related. Most of our conversations though eventually devolve to the same handful of tops, of which, the digital versus physical consumption divide is a well honed feature. In a bout of good natured ribbing, we all just ended up piling on one of the guys notorious for his distaste of digital, to which when he didn’t mind his manners in responses I quipped to him the following to him (which incidentally drives his point home while also being an insult):

Me: You people sound like accountants that couldn’t adapt to excel to do calculations with your whining about the digital medium. Curmudgeony luddites you are.
Friend: Dicks. Fuck off.
Me: I don’t accept your digital insult, I don’t believe in them, they don’t have the same effect, if you want to swear me off you have to present your actual middle finger physically in person.


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