spam poetry: the game’s length

Spam Uncanned from Wikipedia Educational spam can be so much fun because it mirrors our current educational system which has gamification and advertising already built into it too now. Nothing like making some fun out of teaching to a test where all the materials are supplied by profit driven businesses. At least my Spam isn’t trying to make money while not really making me any smarter … errrr, I have that wrong, now don’t I? Let’s see what this week’s spamacation has to offer:

In burning his ships, Cortes took away all options to retreat and,
I am sure, got the full buy-in from his troops to make it a successful campaign.
How can you turn down those kinds of treasures,
Unless you were the natives willing to pay anything to not catch a Spanish Flu!
Have you created a situation where you have one foot out the
door, just in case things don’t work out. It is commonly available at many gaming sites or one can simply download this game from internet instead of buying CD’s
for this game. Several marathons are still being played
to test many theories about the game’s length until now. (I’d
setup a giant stack almost to your top but then My partner and i won).


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