mixtape: Yank the Sox edition

MPHimage_1Baseball season is getting underway and one of the biggest rivalries in all of organized sports is about to heat up again as the New York Yankees take on the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball. Both of these glorious cities not only argue about their sports, they take their cultural scenes equally as serious thus MPH noise on Party934.com, 94.9 FM in the Hudson Valley featured band from both pedigrees and their regional counterparts.

Being a New Yorker and before that for a long, long time a Jersey kid I have a lot of local pride but I also went to school in the greater New England area and spent a lot of time in Boston. A great deal of my collegiate heavy music experiences were centered in a region that spawned Overcast, Cave In, Converge, Sam Black Church, Only living Witness, Maudlin of the Well, Blood Has Been Shed, Shadows Fall, Hatebreed and many others during my formative years there. I will always have a soft spot for it and the many radio stations, venues, record shops and mags I was involved with during my time there and despite the rivalry a tremendous respect for the region. On the flip side, I grew up mostly in Jersey and the shadow of New York is borne close to my heart. The list of bands is entirely too long to post here that affected and influenced me. It wasn’t until after college I paid more attention to from where band’s hailed and started to get more interested in the local Jersey scene and by extension NYC since I was in it all the time. There’s no shortage of bands here, and likely there will be even more to to come.

What is more likely though is that the next generation of rockers needs your support. Here in New York that might mean contributing your talents to one of the programs run by either the DOE or the Housing Authority by checking out what they offer for youth music over the summer or as part of the before-and-after school programs. NYC dot gov or calling 3 1 1 can land you the details. The City of Boston offers similar programs to support youth music through their boston navigator dot org portal. Not in NYC or Boston? You city probably offers something similar as well so do some research on their websites and see what you find.

#YanktheSox a clash of the metropolis

Only living Witness “Slug” Prone Mortal Form – MA
Vision of Disorder “Set to Fail” the Cursed Remain Cursed (2012) – NY
Fortheloveof “Crawl to Hide” Feasting on the will – NY
Alove For Enemies “Give to Caesar” Broken Pledge NY
Indecision “Release the Cure” RTC – NY
Car Bomb “Lower the Blade” WWWW – NY
Converge “Homewrecker” Jane Doe – MA
the number twelve looks like you “like a cat” sad.nuclear.sad – NJ
the Red Chord “Dread Prevailed” Prey for Eyes – MA
Suffocation “As Grace Descends” Pinnacle of Bedlam (2013) – NY
Shadows Fall “the Wasteland” Fire From the Sky (2012) – MA
All That Remains Down Through the Ages A War … (2012) – MA
Revocation “the Grip Tightens” Teratogenesis (2012) – MA
Killswitch Engage “a Tribute to the Fallen” Disarm the Dissent (2013) – MA
Unsane “Scrape” – NY


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