spam poetry: scrap their bangers

Spam Uncanned from Wikipedia Did you ever wonder if half the time the stuff you read in spam is there strictly for the laugh response. I am pretty sure that some out of work creative copywriter plugs away at this just knowing that if nothing else you’ll remember the spam just for the ridiculous copy they include and for them, I catalog these most weeks because I enjoy a Friday morning giggle. Here’s this week’s full of double-meaning for your mind:

The new policy will allow drivers of old vans to scrap their bangers
in exchange for a greatly discounted younger, hotter models.
Companies are trying out special leasing over the regular options of buying.
This value was to some extent of assessment on what they thought they could get.
New trades will make old tricks harder to come by.
But the new bodies are well worth it, getting better mileage and handling hard curves better.
Don’t be left behind in enjoying the excitement and get your van upsized now.


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