Quick Shot: Spring Surprises

It is fantasy baseball time again and after my dual forth place finishes last season the leagues are a little changed up for this one.Fantasy Sports Tarnation The first league is pretty similar to the way it has been with many of the same people, we switched back to the points season rather than a head-to-head roto while the second league will retain the core group of managers and the head-to-head but transitions into a bidding keeper league. I play keeper in hockey but no bid and I’ve done bid before but no keeper so this will prove to be especially interesting. I missed being in person for both drafts again because I never can seem to pull my spring schedule together the way it needs to be.

Team One

Twelve team points league with a pretty standard alignment of hitters C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, OFx3, UT and the usual stats R, HxB, RBI, SB/CS, BB, K, etc. but we’re back to including E. As for pitching, instead of the SPx2 alignment we’re SPx5, RPx2 & P and the usual stats IP, W/L, SV, HLD, BB/K, ERA, QS etc. And additionally, we can carry up to three bench spots.

In drafting forth (unlike my first positioning last season) and having someone (Bobby from NYPhillyCombine, of course) call my picks from a crazy spread sheet I created I ended up with an interesting mix of players. I had 8 on the waiver position so I was able to realign some latter picks to include more pitching depth and less on the hitter side of the bench. There’s a few multi position players to move around but mostly I think it’s going to be a pretty “set” lineup so when guys are off I’ll just not accumulate points early on until I can find that balance … and the glut of 1B eligable guys might give me the flexibility to make a move, particularly since there’s some doubling up on players teams that might get uncomfortable.

C/1B Joe Mauer (Min)
1B Justin Morneau (Min)
1B/OF Alen Craig (StL)
1B/OF Nick Swisher (Cle)
1B/3B/OF Mark Trumbo (LAA)
2B Jason Kipnis (Cle)
2B/SS Danny Espinosa (Wash)
OF Ryan Braun (Mil)
OF Jacoby Ellsbury (Bos)
OF Carlos Gomez (Mil)

SP Yu Darvish (LAD)
SP Tim Lincecum (SF)
SP Jake Peavy (CWS)
SP Jeremy Hellickson (TB)
SP Matt Garza (CHC)
SP Brandon McCarthy (Ari)
SP Chad Billingsly (LAD)

CL Jason Motte (Stl)
CL Jonathan Papalbam (Phi)
CL Joel Hanrahan (Bos)

Team Two

This twelve team league uses a hitter alignment of C, 1B, 2B, SS, 3B, LF, CF, RF, Utilx2 with fewer stats overall, including R, H, RBI, SB, HR, Ave, OBP, etc. while the pitching is SPx3, RPx2, Px3 following a smaller group of stats too but the core IP, W/L, SV, HLD, BB/K, ERA, QS, etc are there. We also have five bench spots to shuffle around too.

The draft was a live bid so it wasn’t rounds of mangers making selection and in that my first actual take wasn’t until pick 28. Since I was set up to “autodraft” because I couldn’t make it I couldn’t control any of my initial bids so some players came on the cheep, some not so much and in the end I have no additional funds available. I’m not sure how I want to look at the team to be honest and knowing how this league is come the middle of summer who knows if I’ll event need to worry about next year’s budget to understand how my team’s worth actually works out. The players at face value though don’t seem bad at all even if pitching feels a little thin – I have some trade bait to work with

C Jonathan Lucroy (Mil)
1B Ike Davis (NYM)
1B/RF Adrian Gonzalez (LAD)
1B/LF/RF Allen Craig (Stl)
1B/3B/LF Todd Fraizer (Cin)
2B Dustin Pedrioa (Bos)
2B Ian Kinsler (Tex)
SS Starlin Castro (CHC)
SS Jimmy Rollins (Phi)
3B Pablo Sandoval (SF)
CF B J Upton (Atl)
CF Michael Bourn (Cle)

SP Yu Darvish (Tex)
SP R A Dickey (Tor)
SP Roy Halladay (Phi)
SP Johnny Cuento (Cin)
SP Matt Latos (Cin)
SP Jon Lester (Bos)
SP Brandon McCarthy (Ari)
SP Alex Cobb (TB)

RP J J Putz (Ari)
RP Addison Reed (CWS)
RP Carlos Marmol (CHC)


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