mixtape: prog filled pandemonium

MPHimage_1prog filled pandemonium edition ofMPH on Party934.com featured a psuedo follow up to Progressing Part One with a diverse interpretation of prog-metal that eludes some of the typical bands associated with the genre. As with everything else on the show, the idea is to feel familiar while stretching the listener’s knowledge of metal, punk and hardcore. I’ve found repeatedly over the last two and a half months programming and producing the show it has once again changed my viewpoint of how certain sounds puzzle piece together into a cohesive experience which is how the prog filled pandemonium came about. This week also features a revamped version of the MPH radio show intro which I hone my digital audio editing skills just a little more.

the Voices of Women Organizing Project facebook iconIn continuing the MPH tradition and building upon the Women’s History Month feature last week the NFP featurette this week was on VOW, the Voices of Women Organizing Project. According to the group, in NYC there are over two hundred and fifty thousand incidents of domestic violence each year. Although many government agencies are there to protect and serve victims, these women and children are especially vulnerable to loopholes in the systems and need so much more. That is were The Voices of Women Organizing Project empowers women who have survived abuse to identify their needs and to actively participate in solving problems that affect them. VOW offers many great support and training programs to uplift the victims of abuse and you can help.

As part of the featurette we transitioned from the male dominated metal into a segment led by the ladies including an awesome live duet with one of my favorite female voices. The transition in was of Division by Zero who are now working on a new record with a female front after having parted ways with their original vocalist. Other than that I felt like the show struck a good balance and as usual I ended up having to cut about six artists off the original concept draft.

Periphery “Scarlet” II (2012)
Loch Vostok “Navigator” Dystopium
Everygrey “Blackened Dawn” the Dark Discovery
Division by Zero Jin & Jang Independent Harmony
Paatos “Into the Flames” V (2012)
Within Temptation feat. Anneke van Giersenberg Somewhere (live)
the Reasoning “Threnody” Adventures in Neverland (2012)
Prototype “Communion” Catalyst (2012)
Control Denied “Consumed” Fragile Art of Existence
Tourniquet “Flowering Cadaver” Anticeptic Bloodbath (2012)
Textures “Reaching Home” Dualism


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