mixtape: metal face off

MPHimage_1Volume Seven of MPH on Party934.com featured a celebration of the 1980 US Olympic Hockey Team’s Miracle on Ice win over the USSR/CCCP Red Army Team on their way to the Gold Medal. The win was a physiological high in the cold war when things were as bleak in the west as the perception of the east was. This week’s New Metal Millennium Face Off featured a pitting of NATO region bands against those of the old Eastern Bloc Warsaw Pact region bands. USA Mens Hockey Team Image from WikipediaAs a metal and a hockey fan it was a fun playlist to mix and the two influences for it were equally as interesting. One was for a great friend who originally, albeit accidentally, suggested just such a show back in the day, the Leather Daddy and the other…

…well the other was part of a tribute to the recent passing of metal legend Pat the Godfather Egan. I worked with Pat back in his days at Koch and again during his time at Relapse and am still shocked at his death and will infinitely miss his wit and passion and quote unquote unpopular music opinions. Pat Egan Relapse Records Tribute Cover from BandcampTo do your part to help his family head over to patlapse.bandcamp.com and pick up the 20 track sampler as well as learn more about Pat’s legacy. All the proceeds go to his family and you’ll get some amazing music to mosh too. It’s a name your own price donation starting at five dollars and includes Relapse artists past and present including the Dillinger Escape Plan, Brutal Truth, Revocation, Mastodon, Agoraphobic Nosebleed and Pig Destroyer who I shout out on the show as part of another tour. Pat was a hockey fan (we won’t discuss his choice of teams, but as a metal kid you can guess he rooted for the underdog) and the show belongs to him too in that regard in addition to the Leather Daddy (WRXF and WDBM fame because good radio should never be forgotten)

Suffocation Sullen Days Pinnacle of Bedlam (2013) LINY
Shadows Fall the Unknown Fire From the Sky (2012) MA
the Human Abstract Holographic Slight Digital Veil (2011) LACA
Darkest Hour Wound the Human Romance (2011) DC
Oh, Sleeper Dealers of Fame Children of Fire (2011) DFW **
Eternal Deformity Lifeless Beauty of Chaos (2012) Poland
Antigama Find the Function Stop the Chaos (2012) Poland
Apostate Omit the Words Seaborn (2010) formerly Czechoslovakia
Heaven Shall Burn Against Bridge Burners Invictus (2010) saalfeld formerly east germany
Gojira L’enfant L’enfant Sauvage (2012) france
Obscura Euclidean Elemts Omnivium (2011) Munuch formerly west Germany **
Xerath the Call to Arms II (2011) England
Malfice Delirium Awaken the Tides (2012) England
Dreamshade Your Voice the Gift of Life (2013) switzerland

** due to time constraints these were removed at the last minute, the original playlist would have been nearly three hours even when limited to the last decade, as you can see, this list was blunted by just the last handful of years


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