Today I ate: PURE Food and Wine, Union Square NYC

Pure Food & Wine NYCPure is the kind of restaurant that if my mom found out how much money it cost to dine there she’d freak out on me with something like, “it’s that much per plate and they don’t even cook the food for you?”

Yes, Pure is raw food. You would be surprised how much prep creating raw food meals really is and Pure takes the process seriously crafting not only a primo and secundi that are supurb but also a mult-course tasting menu that is to die for.

Going to a vegan restaurant as an omnivore is always an interesting affair because there are many riffs on familiar flavors many of which are infinitely effective in their presentation, both as being remarkable reminiscent of the original but still presenting their own profile that makes them limit pushing culinary uniques.

Moreso than going as someone who can occasionally follow some of the trajectory is going with a 15 year vegetarian who recently began experimenting with raw, vegan food at home with me. We recognize some of the techniques and have experience with some of the diversity in the flavor profiles as well as having the emotional tie to it in our daily lives trying this together. Watching her reactions and her seeing mine as we tasted through a menu that borrows from classic American, French, Mexican and Asian fusion was wonderful.

Highlights included the mushrooms miso dish that eerily resembled scallops, the tamale and the key lime pie desert that

It’s been a while since I decided to talk about my restaurant experiences but several reasons brought this forward. First, the anniversary. Because why not talk about something as important and memorable as such. Second, the blog theory, which is about documenting the diversity of my life as it occurs, and this was a portion of the blog I’d let go and stopped keeping track of. And, third, because I realized that much like I’m no longer in Nutley and I miss my haunts there my appearances at New York City homes deserve some special treatment in helping frame them for the future.


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