quip: liquid attitude

My Coffee MugLate last year my favorite Acme Products Looney Tunes coffee mug broke after many years of fine service. Since I like my stuff to have a little personality I was on a quest for a quality replacement which came in the form of a holiday gift mug with so much personality. The handle is a mock-brass kunckle and the white ceramic is splattered in blood straight out of a Dexter advertisement or a late 90s/early 00’s metalcore album cover (Drowningman, I’m looking at you)

While getting my coffee this morning one of my coworkers offered me the cream and sugar to which I replied no thanks. When they saw I was taking from the ultra strong pot they inquired how I drink it like that. Normally, I would reply with something cliche in my circle of friends like, “I like my coffee like I like my metal, black” but this time I quipped, “I like my coffee with extreme attitude, how do you think I get away with this mug?” He got a laugh and quipped back, “If I drank it like that I’d end up like your cup.”

I was caught nearly without a reply until I noted, “Perhaps that’s how the last cup broke?”


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