recipe: Seitan Stróganov UES

Seitan from WikipediaDespite my adoration of Franco-American inspired and Portuguese cuisine in addition to my countless experimentation with Italian I have a soft spot for Russian food. I picked up a taste for it on my journey through the north western territory and with a recipe like stroganoff which has gone through iterations throughout China, Western Europe and the Americas it isn’t too uncommon to come up against some pretty interesting variants but the classic American version is pretty straight forward beef in brown sauce over egg noodles. Being I don’t enjoy most of the 1950s recipes as usually passed down I decided back in the day to adulterate the recipe I knew with what I could find in ethnic books to come up with a meat version of this dish before converting it to vegetarian and eventually vegan that presents almost as structurally strong as any of the versions I had while touring North Western Russia myself. The recipe works with any meat or meat substitute you just need to vary cooking times as necessary. You can also do without the wine but you may need to find additional vinegar (or a citrus), salt or stock to help balance the flavors out and brighten up the dish otherwise it may seem flat. The base on which you serve is completely up to you but I suggest you include a similar profile in preparing it such as cooking in the same stock base to help carry the flavor.

Mushrooms (baby bellas or your preference)
Vadalia onion
whole grain or stone ground mustard
house seasoning
black pepper
olive oil or melted butter
Red Wine Vinegar
dry bold red wine
Homemade stock (mushroom)
cast iron skillet

rinse the seitan and pat dry and dredge in a combination of flour and house seasoning
in a hot skillet lightly brown the seitan till they coating begins to brown
Remove from the skillet and hold aside
add a small amount of oil to the skillet
slice the onion and begin to sweat in the skillet over low heat
lightly dust the onion as they soften with a small amount of flour add a touch more oil if necessary
season with black cracked pepper, salt and house seasoning
slice the mushrooms and once the onion are soft add to the skillet and begin to sweat
as the mushrooms begin to give off their liquid dust again with flour in the covered skillet
finely dice the mustard, garlic and ginger and add to the mushrooms and onion once the mushrooms begin to soften
cook the onions till tender add flour, reseason with house seasoning in the covered skillet
to this point the mushroom liquid should keep anything from burning to the pan when most of the liquid has fully reduced add 1/8 cup of wine for each 16 oz of mushrooms to deglaze the pan without letting anything burn to it
once the wine absorbs mostly to the mushrooms add 1/4 cup of stock at a time to the skillet over high heat until you gain about the a thinner mixture of the full volume of sauce you are trying to make
allow the mixture to reduce about 1/3
while it it reducing add a few dashes of red wine vinegar and the seitan
allow the seitan to incorporate into the mixture adding either a light dusting of flour or more stock as necessary to achieve the desired thickness

serve over your choice of starch such as brown rice, egg noodles or other, we used a baked puree of sweet potato and a dollop of sour cream or as we would use a homemade cashew recipe substitute (because the fiancee is on a raw, vegan fix)


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