mixtape: BHM

MPHimage_1This week during MPH on Party934.com featured the BMH (Black History Month) edition of the show as we explored some of interesting elements of blacks worldwide on heavy music. The travels took us through the mid-80s to present date exploring facets of North American and European bands as well as some subtle Caribbean, South American and African influences and ending us up with an experience as endearing and diverse as the black namesake itself.

What really was fun about the experience for me was looking through my catalog and realizing how many bands even when they don’t include blacks borrowed or were influenced from the diversity of black culture, be it in tribal rhythms, modern remixing, jazz structures, dance beats or hip hop vocalizations to name but a few. In addition to what made the show, I included a short list of black bands that influenced metal, punk and hardcore music I came across in programming this week’s show. I’ve done BHM metal lists before on the blog but I believe this might be the most structured of a listen and the most comprehensive of a list.

In addition during the MPH on Party934 show I featured the Harlem Arts Alliance, a community fueling the traditions of the Harlem Arts Culture. Harlem Arts Alliance is a not-for-profit service organization committed to nurturing the artistic growth and organizational development of artists and arts organizations serving the Harlem community. They don’t directly contribute to making more punk and metal musicians but they give budding artists of all types channels to grow in by with their outreach which you can learn more about at their website http://www.harlemaa.org

stuck mojo Throw the Switch Rising
blood has been shed Wetwork Novella of Uriel
killswitch engage (howard jones era) Take this Oath End of Heartache
emobdyment (sean coorbray era) Assembly Line Humans
Crisis Take the Low Road the Hollowing
living colour Auslander Stain
Candiria Paradigm Shift Beyond a Reasonable Doubt
Suicidal Tendencies (Rocky George era) Join the Army
Fishbone fight the youth
Bad Brains I Against I
suffocation Pray for Forgiveness Blood Oath
sepultura (derrek green era) Kairos
Locked in a Vacancy Mass Media Manipulation It’s always darkest
God Forbid Broken Promise Determination
Sevendust Licking Cream (feat. Skin/ Skunk Anasie) Home

and all the bands I strongly considered but didn’t have the time to actually complete fitting into the show’s one hour flair. honorable mentions:
24-7 Spyz
Kings X
12 tribes
Disassociate NYC
hed (p.e.)
Skunk Anasie
Body Count
Biohazard / Onyx collaborations
Bionic Jive
Straight Line Stitch
Faith No More (Chuck Mosely era)
P.O.D. (payable on death)
House of Pain
Lenny Kravits

Legacy of blacks in heavy music:
Black Death (one of the earliest African-American metal bands, if not the first “black” metal band)
Phil Lynott (Thin Lizzy)
Chuck Berry
Little Richard
CA Howlin’ Wolf Burrnett
Jimi Hendrix (especially the band of gypsies era)

honorable mentions in collabs and soundtracks:
Judgement Night
Loud Rocks comp
Run DMC-Aerosmith
Anthrax-Public Enemy
Straight Up

And, I’m sure I could go on if so encouraged but honestly, one needs to cap their efforts somewhere and that’s probably several hours of programming on the whole off the top of my head. Add your notes and suggestions to the comments below please


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