mixtape: nemo’s molotov cocktail

MPHimage_1Over the weekend Winter Storm Nemo hit the area and of course, after Superstorm Sandy anything dumping between 3 and 30″ of snow across New Jersey, lower New York and southern Connecticut is still wholly unwelcome which is what solidified one of my ideas for the recently founded MPH Noise radio show on Party934. The station features remote DJs from all over but they encourage us to support our local scene and promote our community. Since the tri-state already has a robust local music scene that is world renound I decided to shift my local effort to not-for-profits that align themselves to supporting the area. In the wake of the storm this week’s feature was on groups like HSRF, the New Jersey Sandy Relief Fund, as well as the New York State Governor’s fund and New York City Mayor’s fund efforts toward recovery. I’ve made my belief not enough is being done for the region before and I’ll continue to support the effort to put forth equal recovery for all.

But, onto the music. The swirling winds of multiple winter storms providing their own personalities along with the dueling nature of who Nemo really is led me to the theme for this week’s show which is a reference to a review of Candiria’s the Process of Self.Development on MIA records back in the day. I was apt at providing great analogies for bands back then and my Molotov Cocktail reference can probably be found within marketing materials still after using it in an Amazon review after receiving the demo of the final mixes while working with the band back in the day. It was only natural the show should begin with a reworked version of one of my favorite songs from the record “Pull” in “Constant Velocity” from its acclaimed followup (Rolling Stone recognized them by this point as being one of the best underground secrets in the scene thus opening Pandora’s box on the band)

So this week’s show explores bands who’s idyllic style is a cross genre spasm of sound. It isn’t a complete list but it’s an extreme reckoning of what I felt like pulling together from a mishmash of conversations, requests and personal preferences that inspired my music industry career and subsequent return to radio, and for that last part, I’ve left my notations in the list so you get the vibe of the show if you aren’t downloading the podcast directly

Candiria Constant Velocity 300%
(Break One – show intro, mph & p934 fb & twtr + blog + podcast, Cnd history & EAPZ future)
Exotic Animal Petting Zoo You Make Wonderful Pictures Tree of Tongues
the Number 12 Looks Like You Imagine Nation Express Mongrel
Ephel Duath Pleonasm Pain Necessary to Know
the Arusha Accord the new Face of Revenge the Echo Versus
(Break Two – nfp sandy relief + local effect, Eyeball Rec shoutout, Athiest future)
Athiest Displacement Element
Cephalic Carnage Heptarchy Xenosapian
Cryptopsy Red Blooded Scapegoad self-titled 2012
(Break Three – p934 support/funddrive, crypt future, LIAV memory fb campaign)
Locked in Vacancy Extentially Ineffectual It’s always Darkets
Into the Moat Empty Shell Design
Called to Arms Patient’s Prognosis
the Dillinger escape Plan Sugar Coated Sour Calculating Infinity
(Break Four – DEP by request and fb quote, big rob hard corps 101 shout, msu area shout, show wrap)
Folly Please Don’t Shoot the Piano Player Insanity Later


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