How do i: move down the funnel

Every time I hear someone reference the user funnel I have to laugh. Funnels take large amounts of stuff -in my mind still it’s Frat Grade Alcohol – and make it more consumable in a smaller intake. The exact same that goes in comes out, just more focused and more direct. You minimize waste and maximize consumption but you know the exact inputs and outputs to start with. I am sure this is the goal because you use funnels in precision areas like cooking, motorworks, etc in where potentially rare or expensive materials in known quanties cannot afford loss. Everything that goes in needs to come back out the other side.

Most customer acquisition however isn’t about taking everything available and pushing it through from a large space to a small one. Quality acquisition, or conversion, is about adequietly distinguishing between resources in the first place and which ones should be pushed through. You need to qualify leads. You need to predetermine

A better example would be a shaker or a sieve


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