mixtape: post-metal mayhem

MPHimage_1I’m taking a little short cut in creating the Monday Mixtape this week and posting volume 4 of the MPH Noise radio show on Party934 this week exactly as I sketched it out when programming it. Actually, that’s really not much of a shortcut at all considering I began doing the show as a way to produce the actual experience of listening the way I think about it in my head sometimes. It’s really not cheating in that sense as the radio show was bound to be a natural progression of the MMT experience.

Not everything in this list made the show when I finally cut it down into into the final iteration and to be honest, doing the “post-metal” thing (I’ll use that term loosely for now) was more difficult than I initially envisioned. truly though it was a lot of fun to produce and sometimes that droning sludge can be the absolute perfect soundtrack to a gloomy mid-winter’s day. The anti-pastoral approach sonically is built in stripped down lines re-envisioned upon one another as grit worn textures that resonate within the cranium melting ones face from acoustic resonance.

There’s some really obvious names on the list and a few that might be surprises but that’s just how I roll so put in your earplugs and crank it up.

Bloody Knuckles – High on Fire *
A Shrine for the Sleepless – Awake in Sleep *
Internal Anonymity – Napalm Death
In Secrecy – Dysrhythmia *
Cult of Luna – I: The Weapon *
Blackness of Day – Advent
Tides – A Hope For Home *
Whales – Scale the summit *
King of Kings – Jesu *
No River to Take Me Home – Neurosis
Amend – the Overseer *
The Beginning and the End – Isis

* made it to the final MPH playlist


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One Response to mixtape: post-metal mayhem

  1. Idebenone says:

    DON: Some of that came from our own hostile resistance to Ashes which we all agree is too polished and have even regarded as our “pop” record. Using analog and vintage gear without a lot of studio hocus-pocus was mean to be confrontational—we don’t like the sound of modern Metal or the sound we had on Ashes. So, that is one reason we’ve moved in this direction. But, we’ve always been very morose and existential songwriters. I really can’t do anything artistic if I am not, in some genuine and meaningful way, confronting the reality of death. Art is to me, like philosophy, a way of confronting difficult questions about our existence. I prefer to engage films, music, and literature that approach these questions and I prefer to write music that does as well—whether that’s Agalloch or Sculptured. I have no interest in fun or happy music or art. That may be a sign of maturity or just being an old curmudgeon. I’m not sure which one.

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