mixtape: a dedication of confidence

MPHimage_1This week’s M P H on Party934.com featured more songs about finding yourself, your own voice and the inner strength that we all struggle with from time to time. Some songs offer positive advice and some reflect on personal experience, and all of them are dedicated to my youngest sister Alex who should keep her head held high.

The process in which we each come to self-identity according to many studies happens sometime during our late teens and early 20s, when we’re able to synthesis the lessons learned of our own youth as they combine the words of our elders warning us off and can begin interpreting a new reality of assumed maturity. I do believe that the process of finding who you are is a lifetime journey and in these songs I intend to show through my journey, and the one my fiancee has gone through, and many of my friends and even the song writers have gone through to get us here today. We fought stigmas, stress, stereotypes, we battle expectations, emulations, enmity.

snapcase “ambition now”
Vision of Disorder “element”
Haste the Day Blue 42
Grade “Triumph and Tragedy”
Alexisonfire “Get Fighted”
Strife “Face Your Failures’ from Witness a Rebirth
Pennywise “united” all or nothing (2012)
Ignite “no regrets”
“Teenage Anarchist” Against Me
“Better Things” the Bouncing Souls
I’m OK You’re OK – MXPX
Rise Against “voices off camera”
Bad Religion “No Direction”
“Positive Outlook” Youth of Today
“View from the Surface” Sick of It All
“one life, one chance” H2o
killlswitch Engage “Hope is…”
Shadows Fall “of one blood


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