quick shot: hockey hooey

There is a big part of me that really wants to give a continued big eff you Fantasy Sports Tarnation to the National Hockey League because I believe their response to finally unlocking the season has been half-assed at best (particularly through the tone-deaf opening remarks of the Bruins Jeremy Jacob). Then again, there is another part of me that loves fantasy sports for the ability to pretend manager a team using my superior faux-hockey intellect and vast lucky-prediction ability to craft a fantasy team with no financial stake in the transaction, unlike real sports general managers and owners.

Apparently, I was not alone in this sentiment as the ramshackle league I usually play in was even more disorganized than usual. In-as-such, surprisingly, it’s most of the same people and the laziness factor, partially because we were getting off to a late start drafting after the puck dropped on the first game of the season (I think many of us were still in denial it would still even happen). This lead us to actually creating a “keeper” league were we can protect up to any six players plus a goalie of our 18 player roster. Certain players were not available to be dropped (same general rule as during the previous season) Everyone else goes back into the draft pool. The handful of new managers drew for their order of picks, stacked their roster in the opening six rounds and then the draft resumed as normal on round seven when the nine returning managers picked (with five managers total on auto-pick so you can imagine the fiasco). The lay of the land is 6 forwards (2 centers, 4 wingers), 4 d-men, 1 goalie and 3 misc. slots to fill per day plus 4 bench players in reserve. I did fairly well with holding three goalies last season, so I aimed to pull down the same set up essentially as last year. My pick was third to last, considerably different from last year for sure.

Returning Roster from last year’s first place team

LW Alex Ovechkin (Wash)
LW Zach Parise (Min)
C/LW Patrick Marleau (SJ)
C/RW Claude Giroux (Phi)
D Dustin Byfuglien (Win)
D Keith Yandle (Pho)
G Jimmy Howard (Det)

Ovi was my first pick last season and one of the caveats of the league is not being able to drop certain picks, I’m stuck with the under-performing Ovi. As a Caps fan I’m desperately holding out hope he has a return to form moreso for reality than for fantasy, but I’ll take the fantasy points for fantasy as well. I protected what were some of my best players last year, including my top two D and my top performing line (which also serves as offering some flexibility in multi-position players)


LW Matt Moulson (NYI)
C Mikko Koivy (Min)
C Tomas Plekanec (Mon)
RW Phil Kessle (Tor)
RW Vladimir Tarasenko (StL)
RW Jordan Eberle (Edm)

D Raphael Diaz (Mon)
D Mike Green (Wash)
D Tobias Enstrom (Min)
D Sami Salo (Tam)

Anders Lindback (Tam)
Michal Neuvirth (Wash)

I’m really not sure what to say of my draft. I had a very late pick which I had to work around but caught surprises like Kessle and Enstrom returning to my team, as well as names like Green, Salo and Koivu being available when they were. To be honest I am taking chances on turn arounds by Green, Plekanec and Neuvirth, hoping for breakout seasons from Moulson, Eberle, Diaz and Lindback and the expected production from Kessle, Koivu and Salo over the shorted long haul. It’s a lot to ask, but I also don’t think that there’s as much competition for balance within the league especially if my returning core plays anything like what it did last year.


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