spam poetry: baked-on fat

Spam Uncanned from Wikipedia Educational SPAM must be all the rage lately. I’ve been told about how to exercise, clean my apartment, hike and fish and more. Today, I actually learned about Spam itself! Who would have though that eventually the spam exchange would be about actual spam, what a great Friday it’s shaping up to be:

The ingredients listed on classic Spam include: pork with ham, salt, water, modified potato starch, sugar, and sodium nitrite. The jelly like substance surrounding it is caused by natural gelatins that solidify when cooled. The correct serving size is 1/6th of a regular 12 oz. can of Spam and it is normally fried according to package instructions but affectionados will also toast, poach, broil, bake and experiment with other cooking methods. Beware of the baked-on fat that can occur with certain cooking methods. Cleaning can be a snap if you are careful though and won’t require expensive solutions despite which fit right into SPAM’s reputation as being cheep substitute meat. Water and heat are usually enough. So get on with your SPAM satisfaction


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