spamalama replaced for a week with a GOP Shaming

Spam Uncanned from Wikipedia No spam poetry this week. Instead we’re going to focus on spamalama ding dong humans… I’m going to post sixty eight names of people that deserve the ire of every American Citizen and essentially any human being with a heart. These individuals make even the more deplorable of malicious spammers look like kittens in bows. Their existence in the Federal Government is the human equivalent to spam, so much so it gives even that meat byproduct a good name:

Justin Amash (R-MI)
Andy Barr (R-KY)
Dan Benishek (R-MI)
Kerry Bentivolio (R-MI)
Marsha Blackburn (R-TN)
Jim Bridenstine (R-OK)
Mo Brooks (R-AL)
Paul Broun (R-GA)
Steve Chabot (R-OH)
Doug Collins (R-GA)
Mike Conaway (R-TX)
Tom Cotton (R-AR)
Steve Daines (R-MT)
Ron DeSantis (R-FL)
Scott DesJarlais (R-TN)
Sean Duffy (R-WI)
Jeff Duncan (R-SC)
Jimmy Duncan (R-TN)
Stephen Fincher (R-TN)
John Fleming (R-LA)
Bill Flores (R-TX)
Virginia Foxx (R-NC)
Trent Franks (R-AZ)
Louie Gohmert (R-TX)
Bob Goodlatte (R-VA)
Paul Gosar (R-AZ)
Trey Gowdy (R-SC)
Tom Graves (R-GA)
Sam Graves (R-MO)
Andrew Harris (R-MD)
George Holding (R-NC)
Richard Hudson (R-NC)
Tim Huelskamp (R-KS)
Randy Hultgren (R-IL)
Lynn Jenkins (R-KS)
Jim Jordan (R-OH)
Doug Lamborn (R-CO)
Kenny Marchant (R-TX)
Thomas Massie (R-KY)
Tom McClintock (R-CA)
Mark Meadows (R-NC)
Markwayne Mullin (R-OK)
Mick Mulvaney (R-SC)
Randy Neugebauer (R-TX)
Steven Palazzo (R-MS)
Steve Pearce (R-NM)
Scott Perry (R-PA)
Tom Petri (R-WI)
Mike Pompeo (R-KS)
Tom Price (R-GA)
Phil Roe (R-TN)
Todd Rokita (R-IN)
Keith Rothfus (R-PA)
Ed Royce (R-CA)
Paul Ryan (R-WI)
Matt Salmon (R-AZ)
David Schweikert (R-AZ)
Jim Sensenbrenner (R-WI)
Marlin Stutzman (R-IN)
Mac Thornberry (R-TX)
Randy Weber (R-TX)
Brad Wenstrup (R-OH)
Roger Williams (R-TX)
Joe Wilson (R-SC)
Rob Woodall (R-GA)
Kevin Yoder (R-KS)
Ted Yoho (R-FL)
and finally House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH)

What did they do?

These are the 67 “No” votes in the United States House of Representatives and one abstain to H.R. 41: Hurricane Sandy relief bill

These 68 individual are among the most vile examples of American Citizenship. They chose their own selfishness over the needs of their fellow humans and American Citizens and demonstrated their true disdain for the species and country they represent. Many have offered no excuse for their cowardly actions and the few who have spewed such self-indulgent lies it is embarrassing to consider them fellow humans and citizens as much as it is disgusting they are even allowed to act as leaders.

Their votes sought to block the ability “To temporarily increase the borrowing authority of the Federal Emergency Management Agency for carrying out the National Flood Insurance Program.” This TWO PARAGRAPH bill effectively provides the authority to borrow $9.7 billion to fill over 100,000 claims stemming from damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, as well as remaining claims unpaid still from previous disasters. This coming effectively two months after the devastating storm hit and the initial request for aide from the Federal Government was sought. It comes after a larger, more comprehensive bill was passed by the United States Senate and supported by the President of the United States over a month ago. Passage is basically allowing FEMA to fulfill its obligation to flood insurance policy holders on claims and absolutely nothing more.

Who did this affect?

A total of 24 U.S. states were in some way affected by Hurricane Sandy in October with the epicenter of the Category Two storm impacting just south of New York City affecting primarily the citizens and economies of New Jersey, New York and Connecticut most aggressively. The tri-state region was subsequently struck by a Nor’easter, dubbed Winter Storm Athena, on November 7th only days after Sandy had left the region which delivered additional 60 mph wind gusts, 4.7″ of snowfall in Central Park and sub-freezing temperatures further complicating the recovery.

The New York metropolitan area, which includes the five boroughs of New York City, the two counties of Long Island, the North-Eastern Counties of New Jersey which are home to five of its largest cities (Newark, Jersey City, Paterson, Elizabeth, and Clifton), the lower Hudson Valley Region of New York State and the majority of Connecticut including six of its largest cities (Bridgeport, New Haven, Stamford, Waterbury, Norwalk, and Danbury) had an estimated gross metropolitan product of $1.28 trillion in 2010, ranking #1 in the US for Gross Regional Product (doubling the next largest region) and representing almost 10% of the United State’s $14.6 trillion GDP. The diverse region is home to about 25 million residents affected by the storm, representing roughly 10% of the entire 300 million population of the United States. The shear size of the region in economic impact and population is second only to Tokyo worldwide, and is larger than all but 14 recognized countries.

As of November 5, 2012, the National Hurricane Center ranks Hurricane Sandy the second costliest US hurricane since 1900 in inflation adjusted dollars with an estimate of preliminary property damage about $50 billion, nearly double what the number three and four storms accumulated. Eqecat estimated the damages $10 billion to $20 billion on October 29th while some insurance analysts in the immediate aftermath of the storm estimated in the range of $7 billion to $15 billion as Hurricane Sandy spread over a 900 mile swath of the Eastern seaboard, most of which is centered on the greater New York City metropolitan region. November 26, New York State Governor Cuomo said Sandy cost the state $32 billion dollars in damage and loss, while New York City Mayor Bloomberg announced the storm caused $19 billion in losses in New York City.

Treated like Second Class Citizens

Governor Christie of New Jersey estimated some 50,000 families were still displaced due to the storm as of the New Year. And yet, to the House of Representatives and in particular its Republican constituency who voted “No” after severely delaying the aide in the first place spat in the face of these affected citizens and everyone else in the region still recovering from the widespread devastation.

Ironically enough, according to the state of New Jersey receives the lowest Federal assistance overall, receiving back only $0.51 on every dollar payed in taxes. New York state is ranked 42nd receiving $0.79 and CT is 48th at $0.69. Compare that to the home states of some of the no votes, many of which have received abundant Natural Disaster assistance from the Feds in the recent past (ahem Mississippi, ranked #2 receiving $2.02 in Federal funding per every dollar paid in taxes, ranked in the Top 5 for paid out FEMA money consistent since its inception and still requesting additional flood insurance money for Katrina aide as recently Q3 2011). It is a despicable double standards that allow these states to continue to be on the Federal dole taking more than they provide while raping and pillaging citizens in need because it isn’t their home district benefiting from the money at this moment. We in the mid-Atlantic region should remember this treatment the next time one of these GOP goons comes looking for relief for a disaster in their state and tell them to fund it themselves.

My Request

Anyone reading this… if you have the wherewithall to I would implore you to do two things. First, contact your local representative if they supported this measure and support future measures to assist the region in recovery and say “Thank You” to them for being responsible leaders. Second, contact these sixty eight sad excuses for leadership and berate them for choosing to do harm to the citizens of this nation by voting no. Remind them what jackasses they are by using facts like what I’ve presented here to trash their fabricated lies and don’t stop reminding them until they resign from offices or their constituents are intelligent enough to vote them out in the next election.

And secondly, beyond the aide of the Feds, anything you can donate to charity to support the recovery efforts is greatly appreciated. In the cold winter months it is imperative we watch out for those who were not fortunate enough to get aide and assistance before now.


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