a final repetitive date

The end of the world may not be upon us, but the end of endless social media posts about repetitive dates for a while finally is. Today 12/12/12 at 12:12:12 is essentially the last time using the semi-standard repeating double digit notation (however, if you use the more normal Day/Moth/Year and the four digit year convention you still have 20/12/2012 this year coming up to play with).

The doubled ‘number of the beast’ date is also supposed to be on of the possible ends to a Mayan calendar notations. I’m still writing so someone got that part wrong. Really though for 12 December: music changed in 1981 with the release of Venom’s Welcome to Hell and changed again with the passing of Ravi Shankar today and might actually aurally implode if tonight McCartney actually front Nirvana. I’m sure some other stuff happened or is happening but there’s little need for me to detail it.

But seriously though, if this is the ‘end of times’ so to speak can we please put an end to maybe these twelve things:

Skinny Jeans – C’mon seriously, this trend has been happening entirely too long. It wasn’t cool 06/06/06 and it still isn’t now. Your junk is not that big, you ass it not that good looking and if you’re wearing jeggings because you couldn’t fit into real Levis that size you have other issues we should be discussing. Jeggings are a double no.

Hipster accessories first, it’s not vintage if you bought it new, and no, calling it distressed does not add to the cache. It was stupid in the 80s with factory faded and ripped and is just as dumb now. Second feathers in hair should be reserved only for those who’s religions or ethnic affiliation warrants it. You look like I caught a fishing lure on your head, which makes you a catfish, not sexy. Third footwear, specifically toe shoes and sparkly Uggs. I don’t need to explain myself on either, it’s inherently self explanatory. If you don’t understand there’s probably nothing I can do anyhow.

Geek Clothing – And, while we’re on clothing please stop with the frames with no lenses look. We wear glasses for a reason and not as a fashion statement, though sometimes it’s a happy coincidence that our physiological requirement of eyewear can meet our desire to look good. You on the other hand aren’t going to avoid a punch in the face by wearing them without the prescription. Similarly, busting out t’s with obscure references you don’t have any knowledge about just makes you look dumb to everyone other than the other idiot wearing the band shirt of the group s/he’s never actually listened to.

Memes – Ok, so maybe not all of them, but the variants of “Keep Calm and Carry On” are just about awful and if you’re posting the original as inspiration you’re twice as sad as the people defacing it. Also on the axe list should be Willie Wonka, Boramir and Carly Rae Jepsen (I have a distinct fear that Biebivers may over-take the meme too so lets not go there before it begins). And, I’m not sure if its a meme per se but the Moustachioed everything trend should be cut off too (pun intended).

Foodies – Speaking of unnecessary sharing … Stop being so pretentious and bragging about how you ate at are restaurant or prepared your own dinner using only local, organic, sustainable and natural super foods. I’m glad you can cook. So could my grandmother exactly like that too, except she didn’t post every meal she made on instigram, she and her family were too busy enjoying it’s deliciousness to care, and so should you. And restaurant photos are just rude. Seriously, your flash ruins my meal every time. Trust me, that bowl of pasta is not that exciting.

iPad Photos And again, while we’re on photo faux-pas please stop taking iPad photos. You look stupid. It takes a tremendous amount of restrain not to slap the whole thing out of your hands Your picture quality is not that good because the camera on the iPad is inferior and the ergonomics of a huge square being held at arms length don’t improve it any. Nothing you can do with the filter apps you downloaded is going to fix your actual lack of basic photography principles either.

While I’m desparately waiting for all these to come to pass I’ll just hope that the advances in science don’t allow me to reach the ripe old age of living into my 120s so that I won’t have to experience whatever that era’s version of 01/01/01 01:01:01 will be. I want to yack just thinking about it and the field day the binary dorks will have (probably not as good as they would have had on 10/10/1010 at 10:10:10 when the world would have switched “off.”)

Anyway, the reality is today is really no different than any other day (quite the same argument I make for New Year’s day being an arbitrary marker) and you should be living your life to the fullest every day and not waiting for some numeric coincidence to do something special with or for yourself.


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