mixtape: of and inspired by a Hobbit

I’m counting down the days till Peter Jackson’s interpretation of the JRR Tolkien classic the Hobbit hits the big screen. I’m not going to make this post about my skepticism about the over-indulgence of a trilogy for what could ostensibly be considered a young reader’s novel (particularly when juxtaposed against the LOTR series that really did make sense as a trilogy). My memories of the Hobbit are quite fond. It was a bond between my dad and I, a bridge into the realm of fantasy, an inspiration as a young reader to grow into even more challenging works and a reason to be a bit nerdy. Fancy how that nerd factor eventually became popular making me once again ahead of the trend (and will still be on it after the trend becomes terminally ill before being resurrected again)

Anyway, Tolkien’s influence is an art-wide phenomena as it’s inspired or influenced anyone even remotely interested in fantasy including other writers, linguists, graphic artists, cinematographers, musicians and so many more over the years to borrow or reference the concepts and ideas either directly or suspectually. Music for me is one of the most interesting tie-ins. Tolkien himself references music quite a bit throughout his texts and the development of the Elvin language exceedingly melodic in nature. This, in turn, produced heavy musical references throughout derivative and inspired works and even some musicians seemingly dedicated to the musicification of Tokliens tales. There are entire sub-genres in prog and metal devoted to the fantasy genre now, which is definitely never a bad thing!

I’m leaving out obvious thematic references at a certain point like Battlelore, Glass Hammer and Blind Gardian or Rick Wakemans’ Songs of Middle Earth who’s sole focus was Tolkien as a reference. These making it exceptionally difficult to pick out a single song for inclusion and fare better probably in a different type of Monday Mixtape context. This is by no means a definitive list * (if you know one I missed, please add it to the comments) but I hope you enjoy an aural trip to Middle-Earth:

“Over the Hills and Far Away” Led Zeppelin from Houses of the Holy
“Nimrodel / The Procession / The White Rider” Camel from Mirage
“Rivendall” Rush from Fly By Night
“Hall of the Mountain King” Savatage from Hall of the Mountain King (by way of Edvard Hagerup Grieg)
“Shadowfax” Fates Warning from Night on Brokken
“Stagnation” Genesis from Tresspass
“Lothlorien” Orange Goblin from Frequencies From Planet Ten
“The Shadowshires” Lake of Tears from the Neonai
“King of the Dead” Cirith Ungol form King of the Dead
“the Greyness Grows Old Already” Ephel Duath from Phormula
“the Sleeping Eye of the Watcher” Iron Age from the Sleeping Eye
“Death in Fire” Amon Amarth from Versus the World
“None Shall Pass” Into the Moat from Design
“The Last March Of The Ents” Fall of Troy
“It’s Dangerous Business walking out Your Front Door” Underoath from They’re Only Chasing Safety

* ps – and for bands that made multiple references but didn’t dedicate their entire career per se, I spared listing all of them and just picked one for the sake of a manageable list


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