quip: the hipster disease

Sometimes catching up with former colleagues can get a little out of control. There’s a tendency to maybe be a little rowdy to simulate old times or over share not realizing how much time really as passed and all. Whatever you want to call this, here’s what transpired revolving around a recent example with an admission of a hipster-olic:

friend: I’m good though, got married, had a kid, and went through a weird quasi-hipster phase.
Me: hipster, eh? hmmmmm frightening.
friend: Yeah. It was bad. I got better though. I am starting to book shows again and helping out local bands.
Me: sounds like a rash, are you sure you are better? it might be like chicken pox, it comes back later twice as bad…
friend: Its like an addiction, it is something that I will always have to deal with but I have it under control now. I still wear a lot of fedoras though.
Me: The fedora is a completely respectable form of head ware established as infinitely hip by Indiana Jones regardless of whom tries to bastardize it, ironically or otherwise … the beard on the other hand, unless inspired by such a source as Scissorfight or a family member should be shaved immediately as it harkens back to your hipster era in an itchy pox sort of way


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