spam poetry: crashing

Spam gives us lots of things, but rarely would I ever equate it to my education, not even my culinary one cooking with the stuff! However, some industrious spammer decided to help me with management by documenting a Project Management technique as part of the spammy post they created on my blog. I have to say, apart from the randomly inserted links that went to stuff other than PM sites it was a pretty well constructed idea so I’m including it for the week.

Healthy spam, who would have guessed:

Crashing is the process of fine-tuning your project schedule to shorten delivery time. It is a possible solution when stakeholders ask for a faster delivery while not willing to reduce the scope of work. So, how does crashing work? Simple. Reduce the time to complete the tasks in the critical path. Note that crashing works only on tasks in the critical path because reducing time on non-critical tasks will not affect the project delivery time. Do not waste your time crashing non-critical path tasks; instead, crash tasks in the critical path to get immediate results.


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