quip: the numeric value of PI

The practice of prefacing asking a question with a prompt signalling a question is coming always sets itself up for a sarcastic retort. It’s one of those nervous type habits people engage in that I can’t help myself but to respond to like that, even though sometimes the sarcasm comes off as asshole-ish (see my previous entries regarding the question phenomenon)

friend: I have a question
Me: I have an answer
Me: lets see if they match
Me: the numeric value of PI is 3.14
friend: ha, but not even close
Me: damned, my telepathy must have crossed wires with someone else questions – damned cellular interference


About thedoormouse

I am I. That’s all that i am. my little mousehole in cyberspace of fiction, recipes, sacrasm, op-ed on music, sports, and other notations both grand and tiny: https://thedmouse.wordpress.com/about-thedmouse/
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